December 15th: Exploring Hahndorf (Day 2/Final Day)

Hey guys, hope you’re all having a marvellous day!

If you guys had read my last post you’d know I went up to Hahndorf yesterday and today is my last day before heading back. Thankfully, the rain was nowhere to be seen, it was kinda cloudy but majority of the day it was sunny. Lovely 24 degrees so we thought we’d make the most of it.

First stop was Melba’s Chocolate Factory at Woodside. Whenever we head to the hills we always take time to visit the chocolate factory. 

Loved all the festive decorations. Came out with a whole bag full of goodies. Milk chocolate, raspberry licorice covered in milk and white chocolate, dark chocolate with chilli, peach hearts, sour cola bottles, cookies and cream slabs, candy spuds, milk chocolate pretzels and milk chocolate coffee beans.

Second stop was Beerenberg. Beerenberg is a family farm where you can go strawberry picking and buy jams, sauces and much more. Our plan for today was to go strawberry picking!

The last time we were here it was actually last summer. It’s become a thing where we like to go at least once a year.

We finished the day off walking through the town and having a proper look at the shops. Had some lunch at the Hahndorf Inn, got a classic chicken schnitzel. Lastly, we played some mini golf which I can proudly say I won :).

Goodbye Hahndorf! *waves*

Today’s advent present was a fragrance mist.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Hahndorf! It was fun to write about, like a little travel journal. 

Until next time…



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