December 16th: Santa’s Wonderland

Hey guys, hope you’re all having a grand day!

For today’s post you guys are going to join me on a trip to Santa’s Wonderland. What’s Santa’s Wonderland you may ask? Well for the past three years at the Showground (and around Australia) there’s been a carnival dedicated to the holiday festivities. I feel like it gets bigger every year. Great day for the family. One word I can use to describe it though is: chaotic. There are multiple sessions throughout the day and they’re three hours each. It goes from the 7th-24th.

I feel like this post will be mainly consistent of photos

Welcome to Santa’s Wonderland…

The view the moment you walk through the door. A beautiful Christmas tree!

There was so much to offer. There were rides for kids, food stalls, games, ice skating, tubing and stage shows. Includes great places for photos.

The Get Well Soon bear is a float in the Christmas Pageant that was back in November.  I’m not 100% sure about the background behind the float but I think this was designed by a student and was the winner of the design competition. With her prize money she donated it and bought several teddy bears to hand out in the Women & Children’s Hospital to children who could not make it to the pageant. It’s a really sweet story and makes the meaning behind the bear so special.

Enjoy some ice-cream, or chocolate covered strawberries.

You can even take the time and write your letter to Santa.

Can’t forget the reindeers. The magic reindeer food remind me of the movie Santa Clause (1985), where they feed the reindeers to give them the power to fly.

Today’s advent present was a cute new owl ornament for my tree!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Today (or this weekend really) has been packed with Christmas activities. 

Until next time…



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