My Anxiety Bag

Hey guys! Hope you’re all having a good day 🙂

This post is about what I pack in my bag every time I go out. I get overwhelmed easily or just start feeling anxious randomly for no apparent reason. It’s a nuisance but with these items I always carry with me I always find something to help distract me or at least settle me down a bit. The size of the bag varies but nonetheless I try to put as much in as I feel necessary. Having these items with me wherever I go, in a way, acts like a safety blanket.

Essential Oils

This is something new I’ve been getting into. I have three so far. I have one that’s lavendar (it’s even nice to use during your monthlies), one called Stressed Away but can’t recall what scents are in it and my third is one focused on enhancing/uplifting mood. Randomly, throughout the day, I would just put it on my wrist or on my temples.


In Primary School I was that kid who always got blood noses so it has become a habit now to always have them with me. To this day I get them randomly so yeah I pack them just in case.

Water or Juice

These are a must for me. When I feel anxious or overwhelmed I get quite light-headed and frantic. Having water helps maintain moisture in my mouth as it can get dry as well as making sure I stay hydrated. Juice has sugar so which I find helps me. I found that having something with sugar in it can help me. One time I was feeling anxious and panicked in the middle of class then my teacher was handing everyone chocolate. I had it and a few minutes later I felt my body relax a bit. Additionally, when anxious I don’t feel like eating as my stomach feels tight so juice is an easier way to get sugar into my body. So, water or juice is a must (and sometimes I overload myself and pack a bottle each).


This may seem as an odd one as I just wrote above that I don’t feel like eating when anxious. Nevertheless, I still carry snacks with me so if I start to feel it I make sure to nibble on something easy. That may be crackers or even lollies, anything easy to grab and keep in my bag. Also, afterwards when my body is relaxed after going through an anxiety phase (<— don’t know the right word to call it) I feel hungry so it’s good to have some snacks ready.


I like the option to have headphones with me. If I feel overwhelmed and want to control and ease my thoughts I like to pop in my headphones (or at least on one side if I’m with people). This is to either listen to music or to listen to Headspace. It’s an app I downloaded at the beginning of the year that has guided meditation for daily use or for sleep. It’s now become a routine where I need to listen to Headspace as I’m falling asleep. I listen through my headphones whenever I’m out or like the option to have them accesible. 


This is similar to why I use my headphones. On my phone I have games downloaded, relaxing ones to distract me as well is there being Headspace and YouTube if I want to have a laugh. Also, I have books on my phone that I have ready to read. Recently, I’ve been getting into audiobooks and downloaded Audible so I have that option as well. Additionally, Castbox is on my phone so I could even listen to a podcast. There are heaps of options which I love. 


Not too sure what the actual name is but it has a similar purpose as a fidget cube. It’s all about sensory, the touch and feel of it in the hand, a way to let out some jitters. My mum originally bought this for my siblings but I ended up stealing them and using it so she ended up buying me one as well. I use this when I’m sitting in the car or waiting for an appointment and walking around. It helps me with stress or feeling anxious.  


These are the main items I always carry with me. No matter how I feel I like to have them by my side. Hope you enjoyed this post! What do you always like to carry with you?

Until next time…



6 thoughts on “My Anxiety Bag

    1. That’s a nice variety! Never thought about a face mist before, that’s a great idea. I’ve never heard of Bach’s Remedy Spray but it sounds good! Yeah I always have water and snacks with me, it’s become a habit to always bring them with me wherever I go. So happy you enjoyed this post 🙂 x

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  1. My anxiety bag is very similar to yours! With headphones I always put them in and never listen to music or anything. It helps drown out the noise of the outside, without filling your mind with noise if that makes sense? Water is always a must for me, I feel like Ill throw up if I get anxious and don’t have water! Love this post!! xx

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