December 2018 Bellabox + Review

*Not sponsored, all opinions and experiences are of my own* If there are links it's only to to direct you to a website to give you more information. Hi guys! To start the new year off my first BellaBox arrived a couple of days into January. The subscription was a gift from my mum as … Continue reading December 2018 Bellabox + Review


December 24th: Christmas Traditions

Hey guys, hope you're having a spectacular day! Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Hopefully December hasn't been too stressful. Now with Christmas I feel as though every family have certain traditions they love to do every year. I feel as though traditions make Christmas feel even more special. Watching Carols By Candlelight on Christmas Eve For … Continue reading December 24th: Christmas Traditions

December 14th: Packing for a Weekend Away (Day 1 at Hahndorf)

Hey guys, hope you're all having an incredible day! Today my family and I are heading up to Hahndorf for the weekend. We are staying for one night and spending the day there. A little trip to getaway. It's about an hour away. Like every trip it's a hassle to deal with the packing. To … Continue reading December 14th: Packing for a Weekend Away (Day 1 at Hahndorf)