December 14th: Packing for a Weekend Away (Day 1 at Hahndorf)

Hey guys, hope you’re all having an incredible day!

Today my family and I are heading up to Hahndorf for the weekend. We are staying for one night and spending the day there. A little trip to getaway. It’s about an hour away.

Like every trip it’s a hassle to deal with the packing. To hold all my stuff I’m using my favorite Miss Coco brown bag that I got at the Adelaide show.

When picking clothes I always check the weather. Everyday before I get dressed I always like to see what the weather will be like so I can prepare appropriate attire. The weather so far is going to be 20 degrees (Celsius) and 90% chance of rain. Tomorrow will be 24 and 60% chance of rain. So all in all a rainy weekend despite us being in Summer 🤷‍♀️.

My outfit for today is black boots, leggings and a thin purple sweater from Ally that has words printed on saying ‘Maybe never’ (the sweater is pink in the picture but I swear it’s purple lol). My jacket is from Ally.

My packing list

  1. Toiletries
  2. Deodorant, Perfume etc
  3. Brush
  4. Pyjamas
  5. Books (of course and yes books as in more than one)
  6. Electronics (iPad, laptop, phone)
  7. Chargers for electronics
  8. Make up remover and wipes
  9. Family games (pack of cards)
  10. Eyedrops

The whole way down it was raining and foggy.

When we arrived the rain didn’t stop us from visiting the Christmas market. We didn’t stay long because of the rain and ’cause we were hungry but might try again tomorrow.

Even throughout the streets it was decorated.

I can’t wait to look through the town again. Hopefully not as rainy. The only downside to the day was us waiting in the rain by the shuttle stop for 15-20mins just for the guy to ignore us, driving straight past and leaving us to try to work our way back to our car. The Indian takeaway was so worth the wait.


My advent present today is a nice revitalising facial scrub from Sukin

Hope you guys enjoyed this post as it was something new. See you tomorrow with more fun at Handorf.

Until next time…



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