2022 Favourites (Non-bookish Things)

Hello everyone!

Every year I like to do a round up of products or random stuff in general that I’ve loved throughout the year.

*None of the stuff I talked about is sponsored or an ad*



  • Distractible with Mark, Bob and Wade
  • Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain
  • Cozy Club with Regan and Monica
  • Trying Not to Care with Ashley Corbo
  • Diary of a Romantica with Celia Martinez

My Self Love playlist

To help me I thought I’d make a playlist of songs with loving messages, empowering as well as songs that remind me of when I was younger. Some of the ones I have are:

  • Watch me Shine by Joanna Pacitti (get me powered up like Elle Woods)
  • Strip (ft Sharaya J) by Little Mix (love the body you got)
  • So Good (International Version) by Bratz (my childhood I was so happy when I found this again)
  • Hell yeah by Corook (remember to love and be yourself)

The Peter Pan Soundtrack (2003 version)

Talk about my childhood in a whole soundtrack. This movie was one of my absolute favourites when I was younger and when I heard it was available on Spotify, oh, my heart was so happy.


Boost Lab Vitamin B3 serum and rose quartz face roller
MooGoo Mosituriser

These are my fav products that I’ve been using on a day to day basis which I’ve been loving. I also use my cleanser and exfoliator from Sukin.

Picture might be blurry but I’ve been loving Ariana Grande’s perfumes, being using this one a lot – which I’m pretty sure is called Moonlight (also one of my fav songs by her). I also was very fortunate to get Billie Eilish’s perfume for Christmas and it smells sooo good! I can’t wait to start using it!

Lastly, one of my favourite pieces of jewelry that was gifted to me was The Evil Eye bracelet. Funny story, was going to buy something with The Evil Eye on it but decided to wait and think about it and later on the week I was gifted one which made it even more special.

This is just a random post where I wanted to talk about these things. As I’m trying to take more care about myself I’m getting into learning more about skincare, etc.

Have you used any of the same products or listen to any podcasts?

Until next time…


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