My 2019 Summary + Goals

Hello everyone! How are you today?

This is my official last post for 2019. I hope you all have a Happy New Year and 2020 to be your best year!

2019 was a very odd, different and disorganised year. It was definitely a year that’ll stand out to me for various reasons. This may seem like a random post but to celebrate the end of the year I wanted to do an overall summary to note and to help myself reflect on everything that’s happened.


  • Had my first ever job interview experience but sadly didn’t get it (and still haven’t managed to get a job)
  • Spent most of my time visiting my grandparents for company and hospital visits


  • On the 1st of February my grandpa passed away
  • A month that revolved around his passing
  • Near the end of February I did something out of my comfort zone and began to write as a contributor for a blog/website called JNSQ, that was an awesome experience


  • A stray cat adopted us. It was lost so we gave it food, water and a spare cat bed outside as we felt like our other two cats wouldn’t appreciate an intruder. The family nicknamed him/her Mittens because he/she had dark fur except on the paws which was white fur. He/she was very friendly and loved pats and company. After nearly a month we handed her over to the RSPCA where they located his/her’s family. Sad to say goodbye but happy that Mittens is back with family.


  • O.W.L’s readathon (so much fun and definitely will do next year!)


  • After taking a year off I prepared myself for Uni by doing a mini course on Coursera


  • My grandma got a dog! Her name is Grace 🙂


  • Officially started Uni to do my main core topic for first year to finally complete it
  • N.E.W.T’s readathon (definitely going to participate in again)


  • Gilmore Girls readathon (LOVED)


  • Contemporary-a-thon
  • Triwizard Tournament readathon
  • I reached 100 followers on my blog (thank you so much!)
  • Received my first ARCs through NetGalley


  • Currentathon
  • Tis-the-season-a-thon
  • Sat my end of year exam for Uni and passed all my assignments!
  • My birthday – now 20!
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s

There were other overall things that I worked on throughout this year such as:

  • My mental health
  • My weight

I don’t talk a lot about this on my blog but I hope to one day. It’s areas that I know that will continue to affect in years to come but this year I definitely had ups and downs. Never been smooth sailing but what truly is, right? Otherwise it wouldn’t really be something to work on.

Regarding my weight, I need to gain it, and I have good months as well as bad. Since the beginning of this journey a couple of years ago I know I have improved but I’m still far away from my goal. I just need to remind myself to take it one day at a time.

Same thing goes for my mental health. I’ve been slightly daring with it. I still make an effort to attempt stuff instead of letting it control me and completely avoiding it. This can be seen when I have to go to the shopping centre to meet up with someone but as I can feel overwhelmed in busy places I’ve started to arrive earlier and have a walk around on my own. I usually listen to music or something in my headphones while I do it and try to adapt to the busy shops. When I started Uni again it was big for me but I’m glad to have started. I only went in when I had to but hope to do more next year.

Through blogging I’ve talked to some really nice people and I love how welcoming everyone is which makes me so happy to have started this. My blog is about a year and half old.

2020 Goals

  • Go to Uni more and attend lectures
  • Continue doing Yoga
  • Participate in the same or even more readathons!
  • Do another mini course before Uni starts
  • Get my license (hopefully)
  • A job (again, hopefully)
  • Continue writing and posting on my blog and having fun! (No worries about that!)

I hope you guys have a great new year! See you in 2020

Until next time…



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