Zoella x ColourPop Review: Little One & Supernova Shadow

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all feeling well and are having a happy day!

I’m so eager to write this post. You’ve probably seen Zoella (Zoe Sugg) pop up a few times throughout my blog and could probably already tell I’m a big fan. I have a collection of her Zoella Beauty and the moment she announced her collaboration with ColourPop I just knew I had to get something, even if that’s only one product. This is the first time I’ve ever ordered makeup so it was a whole new experience.

I ended up ordering the ‘My Day Ones‘ lip bundle containing the ‘Little One’
(how cute is that name I love it!) ultra matte lip with it’s matching lip pencil along with the ‘Bellini SuperNova Shadow’. As I’m in Australia it took a bit longer to reach down here but it was worth the wait. I’ve never done a make-up review but it’s something I really wanted to do and gave it a go!

This is the My Day Ones lip bundle. It’s a nude/pinkish colour and a beautiful subtle colour to get you through the day. I found it very pigmented and such a gorgeous shade. On one of Zoe’s vlogs she used the lip pencil on majority of her lip (like a base) then put the matte lip over the top as a final touch. I tried this and it worked well but the lip pencil worked just as well as an outline (I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s actually for).

I’m really happy I bought this. I’ve worn this multiple times and is great when I want to put something on but nothing full on. Pretty and subtle.

Bellini Supernova Shadow

I’m completely new to a shadow. I’m still a beginner with make-up. The Bellini Supernova Shadow is a metallic rose gold. It can be used as a base, a shimmer on top of you can use it alone. I’ve never used this before and honestly had no idea what it was. I’ll admit it I bought it cause it looks pretty and felt a bit adventurous and wanted to try something new. I was not disappointed.

I learnt that I only needed a tiny bit as it’s very pigmented. It’s glittery and a beautiful rose gold. I tried it on it’s own and it’s my go-to way of wearing it now. I need to keep practising but I’m in love with the results so far. Also, I found swiping a bit on the tip of my finger and using that way to spread it along my eyelid then a make-up brush for final touches to be easier to control and create an even spread on my eyelid.

Left to right – Bellini Supernova Shadow, Little One matte lip, Little One lip pencil

It gave me such a fun experience. Whenever I saw somebody I kept saying to them “what do you think?”, “do you like the colour?”. I just felt so happy trying it.

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you think of Zoella x Colourpop range and if you bought anything, what did you buy?

Until next time…



4 thoughts on “Zoella x ColourPop Review: Little One & Supernova Shadow

  1. I am a big Zoe fan myself. Never had any issues with usage and quality is i think amazing. The smells and rich and the textures are so lush.

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