Garnier SkinActive – Volcano Mask

Today I’ll be doing my first face mask review. This face mask will be the Garnier SkinActive Volcano Mask. It was one of my advent presents and I’ve tried this once before and liked it.

All opinions are non-biased and based on just personal experience. Not sponsored.

Ingredients: volcanic rock and clay

Purpose: it’s created to help your pores, making your skin less shiny and smoother.

As it said on the back of the packet it did have a clay texture. It was slightly thick but I found that it didn’t need a lot to cover your face (or maybe I’ve just got a small head). It spread out across the face quite smoothly and evenly. It stays on the skin for only 3 minutes.

Excuse my nails

After: wiping it off wasn’t difficult. I just used warm water and a face towel and it worked nicely. My skin was slightly red on my cheeks and forehead but I think it’s because of the warm water and from the towel wiping across my face as since then it’s died down and I no longer have any redness.

My skin can feel oily in places, specifically along my cheek bone and forehead. It did leave my skin feeling smooth and for only being on for 3 minutes, compared to other face masks that are on for 10-15 minutes, I think it did quite a nice job. It left my skin feeling refreshed which I feel like is the purpose of majority of face masks. Honestly, it felt like it did it’s job.

Recommend?: Yes

Rating: 4/5

Has anyone else tried this face mask? If so, what was your experience an opinion on it?

Until next time…



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