December 24th: Christmas Traditions

Hey guys, hope you’re having a spectacular day! Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Hopefully December hasn’t been too stressful. Now with Christmas I feel as though every family have certain traditions they love to do every year. I feel as though traditions make Christmas feel even more special.

  1. Watching Carols By Candlelight on Christmas Eve

For as long as I can remember we have always watched the carols. In my books it’s not Christmas unless on Christmas Eve the carols are playing on the TV. The carols also support Vision Australia and raise money as the show is broadcasted.

2. Making reindeer biscuits on Christmas Eve for Santa

It’s a new tradition, we have only done it for a couple of years but our new thing is making reindeer biscuits for Santa. We use plain biscuits for the base, cover the face with chocolate icing, tiny teddies for the antlers, choc chip bits for eyes and strawberries and cream lollies for the red nose.

3. Putting the tree up on the first weekend of December

Once December has begun our family puts up the Christmas tree on the first weekend as the whole family is available to decorate. As we have two cats another breakable is either set aside or placed on the top. Also this year it’s come in handy that the first of December is on a Saturday.

4. Driving around the streets to see the Christmas lights

Nothing can top seeing all the Christmas lights during the festive season. Every year we have done this, searching through different neighbourhoods, hunting for the most dazzled house. There is always a group of houses that take part in Christmas lights and are known for it. Christmas Eve is its busiest time when all the cars circle the streets, admiring the dazzling spectacle. There’s even a house that plays a Christmas movie on a display screen.

5. Christmas Brunch

After opening our presents mum cooks a Christmas Brunch consisting of; eggs, bacon, toast, baked beans, mushrooms, tomato, a fresh pot of coffee or tea as well as champagne orange (as it’s a special occasion).

6. Spending Christmas at my grandparents (having a late lunch/early dinner)

To finish of our Christmas, around lunchtime we drive to my grandparents and spend the rest of our day there. We open presents and have a late lunch/early dinner . We finish just in time for us to switch on the Queen’s Speech at 6:50pm then we continue on watching The Royal Variety Show.

7. Matching Pyjamas Christmas Eve

Again it’s a new tradition that we’ve done for a couple of years. We all wearing new pyjamas. The kids have new ones and all the adults all have matching pj’s. It’s such a fun thing to do especially if you have guests over.

The last advent present is a mini bottle of sparkling wine (for those who don’t the legal age is 18 years in Australia.)

Well these are my Christmas traditions. Do you have similar traditions or ones that I haven’t mentioned?

This will be my last post for Blogmas! I might post later in December I’m taking the day off tomorrow, it’s Christmas Day! I’ve only been blogging for less then half a year (4 months) and I was surprised when I took on the challenge for Blogmas and it’s been really fun. I’m so glad I’ve done this. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading my posts.

Until next time…


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