Reflecting on my First Couple of Book Hauls

Hey everyone! How are you?

Today’s question is ‘have I actually read the books from my first couple of book hauls on my blog?‘. I was initially planning on doing only my first book haul but as it only consisted of three books I thought I’d combine my first and second haul, hence, the weird wording on the question. My first book haul was back in November 2018.

As the first haul was about a year and a half ago I was curious to see if I’ve actually read any of them and thought I’d do a fun post about it and bring you along.

First Book Haul

Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall

Have I read it? Yes

I mean when reading my post I had mentioned that I had finished it by the time I posted the book haul. Thinking about this book I actually don’t remember what it is really about. I still have it on my shelf but haven’t picked it up again since reading it for the first time.

The Goddess Test series by Aimee Carter

Have I read it? Yes

I’m off to a nice start!

Unfortunately, this series for me was kind of a let down. As it revolves around a retelling of Persephone and Hades it immediately peaked my interest and it sounded like such a cool idea but, like I said, for me, it was a let down. I read the whole trilogy as I just kept hoping each book will get better but it stayed at mediocre level sadly. It was a shame as I really wanted to love it.

Eve trilogy by Anna Carey

Have I read it? No

I believe I unhauled this series as my interest was gone and there were other series I would prioritise and I would completely forget I owned them. The best thing was to just donate them for others to read instead of collecting dust.

Second Book Haul

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

Have I read it? No

I do want to read this. I’m still interested in the series and want to give it a try. The reviews are quite mixed so it has made me a bit hesitant but I still want to know what it’s like and where I fall in the ratings.

Matched by Ally Condie

Have I read it? No

This is another unhaul. My interest just decreased and I was reading reviews to get interested in it again but instead it resulted in me just unhauling it. It just had things that are not my favourite to read about, so I gave it a pass and became a new donation.

Black by Fleur Ferris

Have I read it? No

Ooo third no in a row. Oh I knew this was going to happen.

Am I still planning on reading this? I don’t know. I still have it on my shelf but I think I’ve been holding on to this always saying to myself ‘oh yeah I’m going to read this soon‘ but it’s been a while now. Hmm…

The Falconer by Elizabeth May

Have I read it? Yes

I have read it and really liked it because it was so different. A historical urban fantasy with steampunk vibes. I had never read anything like it before or since. I want to continue this series…maybe even reread the first book.

Emnity by E.J. Andrews

Have I read it? No

Once again this is another unhaul. Again, before I even read this book I had lost interest and donated it. When reading the blurb it just gave me that feeling where I’ve read this story before. Maybe not this exact book but the premise of it.

Star-crossed by Frances Kelly & Penny Murray

Have I read it? Yes

This was a nice book filled of stories about famous fictional and real life couples. Pretty much famous love stories. It’s a nice book to pick up here and there as each story wasn’t very long. Star-crossed contained summaries on love stories and was a nice read.

Beauty in the Darkness by Andrew Drake

Have I read it? Kind of

Kind of? Let me explain. Okay this is a poetry collection I pick up and put down. I’ve read some of the poetry but I haven’t read all of them.

As a reflection of this book haul I can say I don’t buy as many books on a whim. I mean I probably still do that a bit but I at least make sure it’s something I definitely am interested in reading.

  • I have read 5/10 (I might as well count the poetry book as a yes as well to get a whole number)
  • I unhauled 3/10
  • 2/10, haven’t read but still plan on reading them

I mean I haven’t done too bad! This has been fun seeing what I’ve read and no longer own. I might even do this again later on down the track but with another past book haul or with something else.

Until next time…


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