April TBR

Hi there! Welcome back and hope you’re having a lovely day 🙂

Back with a readathon for this month’s reading plans. This month I want to join G’s Magical Readathon Spring Equinox. I follow this readathon vaguely and haven’t followed it in a while. All I know is that I’m in the House of Arcane and this year I’m aiming to achieve the Dream Walker calling. I was tempted to do the Mind Mender or Herbologist again, but Dream Walker caught my interest because their role works with Mind Menders and Healers.

This readathon goes for the whole month. I will also be continuing BookswithLala’s Buzzwordathon. I didn’t end up completing last month’s prompt ‘secret’ so I will hopefully be able to do that as well as this month’s prompt ’emotions’.

Astronomy – Two Letter E’s in the Title

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

I’ve been wanting to read this for a while and have now added it to my shelves so I can’t wait!

This will also complete March’s buzzwordathon prompt ‘secret’.

Alchemy – Metal in the Name (gold, silver, etc)

On my shelf I have The Iron King by Julie Kagawa which I read YEARS ago. Maybe it’s time for a reread (cause honestly don’t remember much of it).

Art of Illusion – Match Clothes Colour to Cover Colour

I’m going to wait and decide on the day when I want to start fulfilling this prompt. So, let’s see what colour I’ll end up with.

Spells and Incantations – Target Length: 389 – 415 pages

A Girl Called Samson by Amy Harmon

I had this book preordered, it arrived on the 2nd and I started it straight away!

Psionics and Divination – Clouds on the Cover or in the Title

Different, Not Less by Chloé Hayden

I love Chloé Hayden and her bringing awareness of Autism through her own experiences and through Quinni on Heartbreak High (one of my fav characters!)

When I saw she released her book about having a better understanding on Autism I immediately added it to my list. I have the audiobook and she narrated it herself. I’ve put the physical copy on hold at my library so hopefully it comes in soon 🙂

Conjuration – Recommended by a Friend

Yet to find a book for the prompt.

Lore – Book with a Map

Because I’m indecisive my options for this prompt are:

  • The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

Eager to read either as I have the audiobooks for both.

Readathons and just making TBRs in general always remind me how indecisive I am with my reading hahaha but I just love participating.

Until next time…



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