March Reading Wrap-Up

Hello everyone! Hope you’re well 😀

March felt like a quieter reading month. I was only ever reading some quick Kindle books, manga or poetry. It was nice as even though I was reading it still felt like a little break to help me.

Readings stats:

  • 7 books

The Books I Read This Month Were:

  • Diary of a Romantica Vol. 1: Lovers Forgotten by Celia Martinex (Illustrations by Martin Martinez)
  • Barbarian’s Prize by Ruby Dixon
  • Barbarian’s Mate by Ruby Dixon
  • The Unknown Beloved by Amy Harmon
  • Barbarian’s Touch by Ruby Dixon
  • Spy x Family Vol. 2 by Tatsuya Endo, Casey Loe
  • The Alien’s Match by Elaine Waters

My Favourites and Least Favourite This Month:

My favourite for this month would be Spy x Family Vol.2. Both volumes haven’t failed at making me happy or smile. My least favourite read would be Barbarian’s Touch. The only reason why is mainly because of the main character’s sister. Whenever she popped up in the scenes, I would just get annoyed, also, as it felt kinda repetitive as well. One plus side of the books was that the main character was deaf and involved a lot on sign language and discussions on communication which was cool.

Hope you had a lovely March and continue to do so in April!

Until next time…



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