Anticipated Reads for Jan-March | Top 5 Tuesday

Hello hello!

First Top 5 of 2023 lets go! To begin we are looking at my anticipated reads for January – March that are to be released.

Top 5 Tuesday was originally hosted by Shanah @Bionic Book Worm and is now being hosted over by Meeghan @Meeghan reads.

Twisted by Emily McIntire

Expected: 7th of Feb 2023

The fourth book in the Never After series where classic tales have a dark twist. Twisted is all about twisting the tale of Aladdin. I enjoyed the first three and can’t read the next one.

All I know it involves a forced marriage and possible enemies to lovers (as the male mc is Julian who is a retelling of Jafar).

Ruby Spencer’s Whisky Year by Rochelle Bilow

Expected: February (no date stated)

Okay a romance in Scotland easily wins me over. Ruby Spencer decides to move to Scotland for a year in order to find inspiration to help write her cookbook. In addition to finding inspiration she also finds herself meeting the villages local handyman, Brochan. As she settles she discovers the local cherished pub might be turning into an American chain restaurant which turns the village into an uproar.

This just sounds so lovely. Reading about living in a Scottish village, slow burn romance and some cooking.

Hotel of Secrets by Diana Biller

Expected: 28th of March 2023

Ball season in Vienna and all Maria Wallner wants to do is restore her family’s hotel. Despite this it’s not a simple procedure, as there had been random (questionably) random attacks at her hotel leading to Maria being saved by Eli Whittaker, an American foreign agent. Eli Whittaker needs to find out who’s selling secret codes and it all points to Maria’s hotel.

Sorry, Bro by Taleen Voskuni

Expected: 31st January 2023

A romance between Nar (Armenian-American) and Erebuni (Armenian) blossoms through learning more about the Armenian culture as well as learning about bisexuality whilst Nar’s mother keeps trying to push her into a relationship.

The cover of this book is beautiful! And it’ll be so nice to read about Armenian culture as well having more f/f romances in my tbrs.

Heartstopper Vol.5 by Alice Oseman

Expected: 2nd Feb 2023

I can’t wait! But it’ll be sad that it’s the final volume of Heartstopper.

What books are you looking forward to?

Until next time…



3 thoughts on “Anticipated Reads for Jan-March | Top 5 Tuesday

  1. That’s a great list — but I wouldn’t count of Heartstopper coming out. I support Alice on Patreon and she’s been taking time off the comics to write the screenplay for the show. I think she’s hoping to finish the comic by the end of the year, but it’s definitely not ready for publication yet!!

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