July TBR | Readathon

Hello everyone!

For July I will be participating in the Quest-A-Thon! I found it on BasicallyBookishReads youtube and I’ll link her announcement video here. I’ll also link the Google Docs document that the creators organised for information about the readathon, the quest and prompts.


  • you can double up on prompts
  • complete the journey in order
  • you can’t use your weapon benefit on the same book if you acquire more than one weapon

The readathon runs from July 1st – 31st and there’s two parts to this readathon.

  • Part one: selecting your character and weapon
  • Part two: completing the journey

For the character and team I’ve chosen, I’ve gone with the hobbits (it was out of elves, hobbits, dwarves, mortals and wizards). Weapon wise you need to complete two prompts to gain a weapon and to keep collecting you read another two prompts.

Even though it’s not a Lord of the Rings readathon I couldn’t pass up the opportunity hahaha


  1. A 2022 release – Anatomy: A Love Story by Dana Schwartz
  2. A book with dual timelines
  3. A fast paced book – Memento (#0.5 Illuminae Files) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
  4. A standalone – Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon
  5. A book with a weapon on the cover
  6. A reread
  7. A book with a cool weapon
  8. A backlist book (anything published before 2022) – Eidolon (Wraith Kings #2) by Grace Draven
  9. A debut author
  10. A book with a colour on cover based on poll
  11. A book with one of the 5 characters in this readathon in it
  12. Read outside!

I am basing this off mood reading but the books mentioned are one’s I’m hoping to read this month. This is definitely a big readathon as there’s more prompts for each task or part of the quest to complete.

Lets see how successful I am! It sounds fun! Are you planning on joining a readathon this month?

Until next time…


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