Books With a Holiday | Top 5 Tuesday

Hello everyone! Hope you’re well!

Top 5 Tuesday was originally created by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm and is now being hosted on Meeghan’s blog @MeeghanReads.

Surprisingly, I found that I didn’t really own books that featured a holiday or travelling that didn’t include time travelling haha. I ended up looking through my mum’s books!

Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton

The Tourist Attraction by Sarah Morgenthaler

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey

Heartstopper Vol.3 by Alice Oseman

Out of these five I have only read one which was Heartstopper Vol. 3 where they took a school trip to Paris! Next Year in Havana has been on my radar since I found a copy in the library. If anything this topic made me think I should start to read more books that involve holidays. It might be nice to read as it is the Winter currently for me.

Until next time…


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