December Reading Wrap-Up | 2021

Hello everyone! How are you?

For my December I completed 7 books. 4 of them was an audiobook or I would alternate between the physical and audio, 2 books was on my kindle and 1 was a physical book. Sadly, I didn’t end up reading my reading goal for the year but I think I ended up with a good mixture of books for the end of the year.

Death by Laura Thalassa

This was the last book in The Four Horseman series and I read it on my Kindle. I’m happy with how things ended and I got teary as I read the last chapters. I don’t know if I was extra emotional that day but it just hit me and I was just sitting there afterwards in silence. This series is a love or hate from readers and I can understand why. There are points in the series I definitely question but this series is definitely a guilty pleasure for me and may even re-read some time in the future. But yeah glad I could start off with finishing a series.

Body Reading: Plain and Simple by Sasha Fenton

This book was all about how body features can determine a persons characteristics. Obviously, the information could probably be a hit or miss as I don’t know anything about it, or done any research into it and just dove in. Initially, I picked this up because I thought it was about body language but reading this made me learn that body reading is a whole other concept. It is definitely not my usual read and was interesting. I did like the format of it as each chapter was focused on different body parts (nails, hair, hand, etc) and was easy to read and not written overly complicated. I borrowed this from the library.

A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig

I knew I had to read this throughout December. I tried last year but completely forgot about it. I have a physical copy but also listened to the audiobook which I recommend. This was such a cute story that got me in the Christmas mood. I saw there’s a movie out so I really wanna watch that.

When She Was Naughty by Tessa Dare

This was a fun novella I found on my Kindle. So far, Tessa Dare hasn’t let me down when I need a fun romance. It was a quick read, only 67 pages (actually even less ’cause there was like 10 pages on info about her other books and herself) and I know the title implies specific content but if anything it’s opposite, this one was very cute. A short and sweet holiday romance.

Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey

Another cute holiday romance and I listened to the audiobook. I read this after Christmas to keep the holidays going and this was another cute read. The book followed the grumpy/sunshine mc trope slightly, only really in the beginning, I would of loved it to have stretched a bit more because I did feel like the main female character switched up very quickly. The character development was quick but I guess it’s what you kinda expect in a holiday rom-com book. Didn’t become a favourite sadly, and didn’t blow my mind but it was nice for December.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

I just absolutely love this story. It was fun listening to the audiobook while reading along. I’ve seen the films and can happily say now that I’ve read the book. I’ve definitely taken my time with this as throughout the year I would only pick it up in between reads. It was a book I wanted to savour as I think this book and characters have a special place in my heart. I was determined to finish it before the New Year. Loved it!

The Duke and I (Bridgerton #1) by Julia Quinn

(Warning: I’ll be discussing some contents that are different from the tv series and book)

This was another book I was determined to finish before the New Year as earlier this year I’d picked it up and had put it down to try again later. I’m looking forward to the next season on Netflix and hope I enjoy it as much as the first. I actually think I prefer the series version of the story then the book. This was still a quick read and I enjoyed it but I think I liked the layout of the story in the series overall. I enjoyed the aspect of them keeping it a secret and convincing everyone they were a couple, whereas, in the book one of the brothers knew that they were faking. It took some of the fun out of it but other than that it was good.

I’m happy that my reading has picked up again and looking forward to see what books I’ll come around next year! How did your December reading go?

Until next time…



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