An Exciting Bookish Items Haul From Etsy

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I hope you are well.

We are officially in December everyone! I can’t believe it!

Today I bring you a haul but instead of a book haul I’m going to show you my later purchases of some bookish items and art prints from Etsy. Etsy has been my new go to places for bookmarks and bookish items. It’s also a nice way to support independent stores and brands.

I’m getting a nice collection now and I’ve loved everything I’ve purchased so far!


Store – BasicallyBritt

I definitely head over to BasicallyBritt’s shop whenever I hunt for new bookmarks as I love her style, quality and designs. Every one I’ve received so far I absolutely love! As I’m from Australia and Brittany lives in the Netherlands I was surprised to find the delivery cost to be not that expensive which I was so thrilled about. This is another reason why I love purchasing from her shop.

I recently got the Christmas book stack bookmark and looking forward to use it in December with my other Christmas bookmark! They are all stunning.

Store – BookBookOwl

After reading the Stalking Jack the Ripper series I knew I had to find anything bookish that involved this series. I came across this bookmark and it had one of my favourite quotes from the series and knew I had to get it. I love it! There are other bookmarks for each book in the series so later down the track I might buy them as well so I have one for each book 🙂

Store – The Nerdy Butterfly

The Sanderson Sisters – Hocus Pocus
Jamie and Claire – Outlander

These are without a doubt some of my favourite bookmarks I own. They immediately bring a smile to my face. I love the cute style and how they are magnet bookmarks so they hook around the page and I adore them! There were so many I wanted to buy but thought I’d try out with these three first.

Book Sleeves

Store – Book Chic Boutique

Of course as soon as I saw this I wanted it as it’s a Stalking Jack the Ripper book sleeve. The material is soft and really nice with a little bit of padding it to protect your book. I use this whenever I’m going out and can easily fit it in my backpack or a tote bag.

Art Prints

Store – SirenThieves

To continue with the Stalking Jack the Ripper theme I saw this print and it was an instant purchase. The colours just stood out to me and of course it being from SJTR I loved it. It’s an A5 print and I have now put it in a black frame and is sitting on my shelves. The black frame really makes the colours jump out. Also Siren Thieves is from Adelaide so it was great to purchase an item from someone else from Adelaide. Overall, I love this print! Will be definitely keeping an eye out for new items from Siren Thieves.

Book Store – thebookleo

Leonie runs thebookleo and has a YouTube channel as well. When I saw that she wanted to open an etsy store and showed some of the items she will be selling I thought it’d be cool to get one as I love her art style. I saw this art print and thought iwas so pretty. It’s another A5 print and it also sits on my shelves. It might be hard to tell in the photo but it’s white and purple. This isn’t anything book related (well I guess she’s a booktuber so that counts) but just wanted to include this because it’s so pretty!

Also, I think Leonie is currently taking abreak from her Etsy store but I’ll definitely keep an eye out on when she opens it again.

Book Store – BasicallyBritt

Last print which is another A5 and I just love the whole vibe of it. It’s the first print I bought from BasicallyBritt’s store and I love it. Sorry the print is a bit covered but I just loved how it all arrived. It’s another one that would go well with a black frame and will bring some bright colour into my room.

Alrighty! That’s the end of my little Etsy haul. I love all the items I’ve gotten so far, they’ve arrived exactly how I expected them to be and I haven’t been disappointed with any of my purchases yet. I’ll definitely will be adding to my collection. My aim is for heap of A5 prints and have them shown on one wall (like a feature wall) or even seeing them spread out in my room would look so pretty.

Hope you enjoyed this haul 🙂

Until next time…



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