Contemporary-a-thon Wrap Up

Hey everyone!

The first contemporary-a-thon of this year is done and it was…sort of successful. I read books, not necessarily the books I had planned but there were books read. Does anyone else, like, freeze, when a readathon starts. I’ll be reading fine but when the first day starts I end up reading nothing. Is that just me? haha.

Recap on the challenges:

  • Read a contemporary book with green on cover
  • Contemporary from a new to you author
  • A diverse contemporary
  • A backlist contemporary
  • A dark/hard hitting contemporary
  • A contemporary with an illustrated cover
  • A contemporary that’s beloved by a member of the book community

What I Read:

Heartstopper Vol. 3 by Alice Oseman

Prompts: Green on cover, Diverse contemporary, illustrated cover & beloved by the book community

I had to get this when it was released as I love this series and Heartstopper is a graphic novel series that’s definitely beloved by a lot of people in the book community. It’s so cute and loved to continue to see their relationship. It was so fun to read about their class trip to Paris.

If you don’t know what Heartstopper is, it follows two boys Nick and Charlie and the development of their relationship. It discusses sexuality, mental health, eating disorder. friendship and bullying.

The Opposite of Falling Apart by Micah Good

Prompts: New author, dark/hard hitting

It’s not as hard hitting as some books can be but this story revolved around mental health with topics such as Anxiety Disorder and PTSD. With all the other books I read it was refreshing to read a contemporary centred around these topics.

The Opposite of Falling Apart comes out on the 25th of January. If you’re interested in these topics then it’d be worth to check it out.

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

Prompts: New author, illustrated cover

This was the only one that was actually on the TBR so I’m happy to have completed it. It was such a cute book and a cosy read. I did finish it the morning after the readathon finished but I only had around 50 pages left.

Even though I didn’t complete all the prompts (didn’t read a backlist book) and the books I planned to read, I’m still happy with how it all went. For my backlist book I was going to read P.S I Still Love You by Jenny Han but instead I watched it. To help me move forward in the series I just plan on skipping the second book and just going straight to the third book. Even though the movie is a very condensed version of the book (I was told), I feel like I got the gist of it and read about all the parts that were left out.

So yeah that was my contemporary-a-thon summary. I enjoyed myself and can’t wait for the next one. Did you participate in it? How’d you go?

Until next time…



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