Top 5 (Tuesday)…Bookish Habits

Hey everyone!

It’s time for another Top 5 Tuesday! This is hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm and if you’re curious make sure to check out the February topics. This week is all about my bookish habits, lets get to it!

1. No matter what, I have a book on me

Wherever I go I have some form of book on me. Whether it’s a physical book, an e-book or an audiobook. It’s good to be prepared just in case. You never know when you might have time.

2. Stretching out series for far too long

Okay no matter what the series is, it is rare to finish a series in a time you see most people do. I definitely have a slow reading rate with series even if I love the series.

3. New bookish habit for this year is filling out my spreadsheet (CAWPILE – spreadsheed created by G @ Bookroast) and recording all my stats

It’s been going well. I even look forward to filling it out every time I finish a book.

4. Reading a physical book during the day and an ebook at night before I go to bed

I’ve been doing this for a while. My phone has a dim light so it’s not too bright and even then I only read a couple of chapters. Before I go to bed is the time I read my e-arcs which works for me.

5. Book channels on YouTube – I don’t know if this is really a habit but I always enjoy watching BookTubers. I think half of the channels (or maybe over) I’m subscribed to are BookTubers

Always enjoy watching reading vlogs.

Sorry this one was a bit shorter. This one was a bit more of a rush. I was busy today and thought I’d have more time.

What are you bookish habits?

Until next time…


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