Spring Clothes Haul! | 2019

Hi everyone! How are you today?

Something different today, I thought I’d do a little clothes haul as I love the clothes I’ve bought recently. All the clothes I bought are from Cotton On or stores under that brand’s branch. I thought I’d give myself a little treat.

It feels so weird doing a Spring clothes haul where on other people’s blog, everything I see, is all about Autumn and bringing out cosy sweaters. We have just been through Autumn so I’ve started to put my sweaters to the side sadly. But now, it’s time to start embracing the sunshine.

Not sponsored.


I’ll just say right now I thought this was a full strapped tee but turns out it was cropped (this is why I don’t online shop). It’s still a cool, simple design and I love the simplicity of it. This strappy cami is great for layering. You can wear it as is or can easily throw on a sweater or a cardigan over, if it’s slightly chilly and can dress it up or down. It’s also soft and comfortable to wear. A nice essential item in the wardrobe.

I thought this was so cute. The top half of the shirt is very form fitting, tighter while the bottom half is a lot looser and flowy. I’ll be honest it is a tight squeeze when getting on and would be nice if there was a zipper on the side or something for an easier fit. However, once it’s on it’s slightly looser and fits better. I could have done with the next size up but it’s a top I’ll still be wearing.

To get into the October vibes I thought this was a nice subtle way to tip my hat to Halloween. ‘Witch Please’. One of my favourite things from Cotton On are the graphic tees. They change them up every now and then. The fabric is smooth and has that slight cool, slinky feel. For these t-shirts, I buy a size up as I like them baggy and I can easily tuck them in jeans, shorts, skirts or leggings. I like this shirt, with it being simple and grey with black writing, that I can match it with anything.


This is one of my new favourite items. This dress is a bit out of my comfort zone as I rarely buy myself a new dress but I’m trying to get more into wearing dresses and I just loved this one when I saw it. This brings a nice dash of colour in my wardrobe. It’s a pretty sky blue with a floral pattern all over. The material is slightly stretchy but as it’s new the zipper was stiff so when that’s loosened it will be fine. It’s a comfortable fabric and form fitting. Also, at the bottom corner of the dress there’s a slight opening so it’s not too restricting around your legs and you have a bit more room.

This is a dress you can easily dress up or keep casual. I immediately pictured it with my white sneakers. Can’t wait to get to wear this more.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this post. Thought I’d change it up a bit 🙂

Until next time…


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