September Reads + October Reading Plans | 2019

Hey everyone! How are you?

Happy October! Can’t believe it’s October already meaning we only have a couple of months of the year left….pinch me! I just know these few months will just travel by so fast and before I know it I will be saying Happy 2020! But let me just slow down right now and focus on this month first.

September was a not too bad reading month. I felt like I was a bit slower as I have read more in previous months but nonetheless the books I read were good!

I will be adding Goodread links to all the books.

The Raven Boys by Maggie Steifvater

Rating: 4.5/5

My first read for the month was The Raven Boys. I’m glad to have finally started this series. Granted, I only read the first book in the whole of September. I understand now with people saying how the beginning is kind of slow but once the plot gets rolling it gets fast. Nevertheless from the first chapter I was intrigued. It took me 2 weeks to read this book. I was planning on joining a read-along but turns out I can’t read fast enough for that Haha.

I loved delving into Welsh mythology. That was something completely new to me and it was interesting to read about as it wasn’t the usual Greek, Roman, Egyptian mythology (which I love to read about as well). Maggie Steifvater’s writing is also something I really enjoy reading.

The characters were all so distinct and enjoyed their adventure. I loved how along with their investigation another focus was the theme of friendship. When all you’ve got is friendship and in a way that becomes your family, where you belong and feel like you can be yourself. It covered ranges of topics and interested to see how the second book will be as it focuses on Ronan.

CW: domestic abuse

Beauty and the Blacksmith (Spindle Cove Novella #3.5) by Tessa Dare

Rating: 4/5

After The Raven Boys instead of continuing onto the next book in the series I jumped into something completely different. A fluffy, adult rom-com novella by Tessa Dare. As it was a novella in the Spindle Cover series, it was a quick read and can also be read as a stand-alone. I hadn’t read the previous books and started with this one and I didn’t have any trouble following the characters. Like the last book I read by Tessa Dare I found myself smiling, laughing as it had cute moments throughout as well as of course romance. I mean that’s Tessa Dare all over. Definitely will be checking out her other works. They’re great when you want something fun. They’re definitely my guilty pleasure reads.

Anarchy by Megan DeVos

Rating: 3.8-3.9/5

I gave a more thorough review on Goodreads and want to keep this a bit shorter to prevent any rambling.

Anarchy is the first out of four books. This is a good read. Not a mind-blowing, shocking read but just an overall good one and that’s not a bad thing. It’s promoted as the Hunger Games and as I mentioned in my review the only connection I saw was that it’s all about survival and how the factions are all rivals. Other than that nothing else really stood out to me saying The Hunger Games but again, it’s not a bad thing. It’s best to know that before as I don’t think it’s a fair compare them with each other.

It does have action in it but I will mention now it is a bit more romance forward as it’s about Hayden (leader of Blackwing) and Grace (daughter of Greystone, rival faction) meet and try to deny there instant attraction to one another as they are aware their romance is forbidden.

Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Rating: 5/5

Does this count if I finished this on October 1st?? I mean I read majority of it in September and had 100 pages or even less than that at the beginning of the month so I’ll be cheeky and add it to my September reads.

This was definitely my FAVOURITE read this month. 5 stars without a doubt. I didn’t guess any of the twists, I loved the suspense, the atmosphere and I absolutely adored Lou and Reid. I have been talking about this book from the moment I heard about it, waiting for the release date, bought it immediately in store and now that I’ve devoured it, I can say it was totally worth it. I’m ready for the next book!

I can understand now how it’s consider more of an adult fantasy than young adult. It does have an explicit scene and swearing. I was enraptured in the chemistry between Lou and Reid. I admired their loyalty and how they communicated to one another. Definitely one of my new favourite couples.

This is a book I definitely recommend.

October Reading Plans:

If you’ve read one of my previous posts you’ll know that I’m taking part in the Gilmore Girls Readathon which will be going from October 1st-15th. So, I’m currently doing that and in my post I talked about some of the books I might be reading for the challenges. I’m nearly finished my first book as it was a slow start to the readathon. I blame Serpent & Dove because once I finished that I had trouble picking up another book and had a day off from reading. I was worried that it put me in a slump but as I’m nearly finished book no.1 I think, hopefully, I don’t.

Once that finishes my reading plans are open. Nothing is 100% so it’ll be interesting to see what books I choose and if any of them follow the Halloween theme.

What are your October plans?

Hope you enjoyed this post & thanks for reading!

Until next time…


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