Top 5 (Tuesday)…Favourite Booktube Channels

Hey everyone! How are you today?

I missed the last week of September’s Top 5 as I was sick but hope to participate in the October’s topics as I really enjoyed it. Shannah (Bionic Book Worm) is our lovely host and her link for you guys to check out is here.

This weeks topic is a difficult one to narrow down to only five. The channels mentioned are those I’ve been watching the longest and go back to the most.

Brittany the Bibliophile

Brittany is a Booktuber from Las Vegas. She’s so sweet, kind and was one of the first Booktuber’s that I really got into. She reads books from adult fantasy – contemporary. Her content contains unboxings, TBRs, monthly wrap-ups, book tags, book hauls along with reading vlogs. I love her videos, her style, her attitude as well as her two adorable cats!

Link to Brittany’s channel here.

Books with Chloe

Chloe is a fellow Australian Booktuber. She is another kind person who shares her love for books and Harry Potter! She’s got an amazing smile and loves to laugh. She also has an adorable dog named Scruffy! So cute! Her channels includes videos of reading vlogs, wrap-ups, book hauls, plus more. She also has an ASMR channel as well as a Journal channel. Also, I’ve added her newest video here and how cool is her look!

Link to Chloe’s channel here.

Irish Reader

I found Kevin (Irish Reader’s) channel through Chloe as they’re close friends. He is from Ireland (obviously) and reads mainly contemporary but also fantasy. The videos that got me into his channel was his BookExpo and BookCon vlogs. He is one of the newest channels I’ve strated to watch but I love his reading vlogs.

Link to Kevin’s channel here.


I really love Emma’s channel and her whole vibe. I’ve definitely binged her reading vlogs. She’s all about positivity, being genuine and a mental health advocate. She reads a range of books and gives her honest opinion as well as a thorough review. One of my favourite video of hers is the ‘self-care day in nyc’. She just puts out a great reminder of taking care of yourself and yeah I’ve definitely binged her reading vlogs and always go back to them.

Link to Emma’s channel here.


Naya is exactly like her name. She reads and she smiles. I’ve never seen someone who is so bubbly and energetic, I love that. I came across her channel randomly, I think it’s a video that just popped up and after watching a few of her videos I subscribed! She is also a newer Booktuber that I’ve started to watch but really enjoy her content.

Link to Naya’s channel here.

Hope you enjoyed this post and check out these Booktubers. Again, it was hard to narrow it down to five as there’s easily another handful I could mention (chelseadollingreads, jessiethereader, Bookroast, etc). All these Booktubers that I’ve talked about are ones that I trust will give their honest opinions, thoughts and recommendations. Let me know if you’ve watched any of them and who your favourite Booktubers are!

Until next time…


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