August Reads + Mini Reviews | 2019

Hey everyone! How are you today?

I’m so excited to discuss the books I read this month with you. If you’ve been reading my previous posts you’ll know that I participated in the NEWTs readathon and can happily report that I’ve completed all the tasks I needed. So it’s been a successful reading month filled with amazing reads.

Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum (edition I had wasn’t on Goodreads)

Rating: 4/5 stars

This was the first book I read this month. Wizard of Oz was one of the stories I knew the most when growing up. I would always watch the film with Judy Garland but I don’t think I’ve ever properly read the book. This was a condensed version of the story. It was only 157 pages and some of the pages were just drawings but for me I think it was enough. It was adorable and an enjoyable reading experience. This was a book I talked about on my NEWTs TBR.

My edition wasn’t on Goodreads so I just found an edition that was closest to the one I read.

Heartstopper Volume 2 by Alice Oseman

Rating: 5/5

I, without a doubt, continue to fall in love with Nick and Charlie. The whole time I could feel myself smiling at the cuteness. Such a wholesome story. I gave the first graphic novel a 5/5 and this one didn’t disappoint me. Give me more!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

Rating: 5/5

I continued with the audiobook route with Stephen Fry as the narrator. I’m really enjoying this and Stephen Fry is amazing. I love his Gilderoy Lockhart voice. I had already listened/read to majority of the book so I didn’t count it in my NEWTs. I’ve been listening to this series with my family.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Rating: 4.5/5

I’m actually tempted to give it a 5/5 as I can’t think of anything that I’m upset about. The only part that let it down was how I was able to predict the plot twist early on. It wasn’t mind-blowing but it didn’t ruin the reading experience for me. I still adored this Cinderella retelling. And, I’ve also heard the books in the series just gets better. I wished I picked this up sooner.

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (edition I had wasn’t on Goodreads)

Rating: N/A

This was by the same people who published the edition of the Wizard of Oz I read this month. It is also a condensed version of the story. As you see I don’t have a rating as I wasn’t sure what rating to give it. I didn’t love it as much as I wanted. Alice in Wonderland is an all-time favourite for heaps of people but unfortunately I don’t think I’m one of them. I’m actually disappointed that I didn’t love it. It’s not my go to but I still like it. I might stick to the Disney movie. In this edition I again loved the illustrations but the length of the book was enough for me. Rating might be 3/5.

Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

Rating: 4.5/5

On Goodreads I gave it a 4 star but I might up it to 4.5/5 on the account that I still think about this book and how much I enjoyed reading it. I docked it down a star as the ending didn’t blow me away but there were elements to it that I still loved. Just the way it was handled, for me, didn’t feel right but then it did have a creepiness to it that made me regret staying up late to finish it. I didn’t guess the murderer which was great as that part was a surprise but I guess it was the execution that let me down a bit. It’s hard to explain.

All that aside, this is my favourite read this month! I’ve never annotated a book before but this book made me pick up sticky notes and note all my favourite quotes or passages throughout. I’m living for the chemistry between Audrey Rose and Thomas Creswell. Love this duo. The whole vibe of London in the 1800s, trying to work out the mystery of Jack the Ripper and Audrey Rose doing an internship with her uncle in forensic medicine.

I understand how people complained of Audrey Rose’s attitude and how she can be a bit whiny but I wasn’t bothered by it that much. It’s important to remember she is 17 years old throughout all of this, in the 1800s. It shows how women were treated and expected to be in the Victorian era and Audrey Rose is out to prove them wrong. There was medical terminology in the story that made me feel dumb but in the best way possible (if that’s a thing). Romance as well is intertwined within the murder mystery but not too much that it overshadows the mystery. At the back of the book the author’s written about her research for the novel and reasons behind keeping certain aspects from the Ripper cases as well as her reasoning behind altering things for the novel. I loved how the author added this in.

I’ve just realised how much I wrote on this novel and I think it goes to show how much I loved it and, honestly, could continue to write more. I have the second book right next time and I’m ready to dive into Audrey Rose’s and Thomas Cresswell’s next mystery together. I plan to annotate this as well (this book has got me into annotating now, the perfect book to start me off).

*Added note: before I go just want to say with the Audrey and Thomas got major Sherlock and Watson vibes and my heart was loving it! Okay I’ll stop now.

Warning: very descriptive about the murders that Jack the Ripper did as well as other bodies Audrey would examine. Violence and gore.

Dengeki Daisy Volume 1 & Volume 2 by Kyousuke Motomi

Rating: 4/5 (for both volumes)

I finished both volumes in a day. It was an overall cute story. I was surprised with how much the main guy called the main girl ‘stupid’ but if you put that aside it was a nice story. I was surprised that ‘Daisy’, a mysterious texter, was revealed very early on. Would’ve been cool if they kept it a secret and the mystery alive a bit longer but then again you kinda had an idea early on. Also, there was a surprise twist at the end that I didn’t expect which makes me want to keep reading to find out more of the story. It’s fast paced and the second book had me smiling more.

I loved how the author slipped in notes here and there as well as the drawings.

Days of Blood & Starlight by Laini Taylor

Rating: 4.5/5

This was my audiobook of the month and I’m so happy I took the audiobook route. In series I always have trouble getting through the second book no matter what and I felt like I hit a wall. For me, it had a bit of a slow beginning, so, I started the audiobook and I cracked that wall. Every emotion was felt throughout this book and it’s left me excited for the final book in the trilogy.

Also, I love Zuznna and Mik. Can’t wait to see as well the journey for Karou and Akiva.

Night of Cake & Puppets by Laini Taylor

Rating: 5/5

More Zuzana and Mik! This is a companion novel to the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy but focuses on Zuzana and Mik. It shows how they got together which was kinda touched on in the other books but we get to read about it from both of their perspectives. I was sad when it finished and could easily read another short story with Zuzana and Mik. If anything it’s made me pumped to read the last book.

The cover is so gorgeous! The dust jacket as well as the cover underneath. Throughout the illustrations by Jim Di Bartolo was amazing that made it so much more special. His illustrations plus Laini Taylor’s writing is the perfect combo.

As I’ve gone through this I’ve just remembered G (from Book Roast, YouTuber) said all books on Goodreads count but as I couldn’t find the exact editions, do they still count? Hopefully.

I’m quite proud of my reading month as I don’t think I’ve ever read this many books in a month before. How was your August? What was your favourite book for this month?

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “August Reads + Mini Reviews | 2019

  1. Loved the interesting selection on books you read this month. At the moment i am really enhoying a change of pace and getting into Manga more. I am loving the Vampire Knight series, Dengeki Daisy series, Death Note (blk edition) seriesand The Worlds Greatest Love Story series. I am about to start the 2nd installment A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab too.
    Great post and have a great day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. From reviews it’s a book you either love or hate but I absolutely loved it (as you can probably tell haha). If you love the idea of it then it’s definitely a book I’d recommend for you to try. I’m having such a great time going through each HP book xx

      Liked by 1 person

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