NEWTs Readathon Week 3 (15th – 21st August)

Hey everyone! How are you?

I can’t believe it’s now the last week in August! Meaning it’s now the last week of the NEWTs. This week is just going to fly by I just know it.

Week 3

15th & 16th August

I continued reading Fangirl and Stalking Jack the Ripper. There are times where I’m relating to Cath. It’s a nice easy read, but I feel like there’s something a bit in the story as it keeps hinting at things. Especially about the father.

Really getting hooked into Kerry Maniscalco’s world of London in the 1800’s. I’m loving the dynamic duo of Audrey Rose and Thomas plus the atmosphere within the novel.

17th & 18th August

I’ve been a bit busier this weekend than usual. I was able to read some of my book in the morning when watching my brother practice soccer. I’m slowly working my way through all my book.

19th & 20th

Okay, reading update! I’m officially over halfway in Stalking Jack the Ripper. I’m still loving it just as much and hope it holds that way at the end.

I’m starting to dedicate my whole time to this book, however, this means I’ve neglected my other books which is going to make it a frantic last week of N.E.W.Ts.

21st August

I’ve finished Stalking Jack the Ripper! Finished it just before midnight. As said before I will give a full-mini review in my end of month wrap-up. That makes it now the fourth out of six books I need to complete for my N.E.W.Ts.

My week 3 progress:


  • Stalking Jack the Ripper (4/5)


  • Fangirl (on page 102, 21%)
  • Days of Blood and Starlight (on page 268, 52%)

Thanks for reading! Onto the last week!

Until next time…


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