NEWTs Readathon Week 2 (8th-14th August)

Hey everyone! How are you doing?

Welcome to week two of my NEWTS Readathon. I’ll get straight to it! Oh, and I skipped a couple of days as I did nothing.

Week 2

8th & 9th August

Not a lot happened on Thursday. I was up at my grandma’s dog-sitting for her so I was a bit distracted to say the least.

Friday was Uni but while I was there I was able to listen to my audiobook a bit more and finished a couple of chapters. It’s handy that they are not overly long chapters, some are only a few minutes. Good lengths to listen to when walking around and in between classes

When I got home I jumped straight into my pjs, made myself a Hazelnut latte, grabbed a blanket and got myself comfy on the couch. It’s been really cold here so I was loving every second.

10th August

The whole day I powered through Cinder as I had to know what happened next. I finished it at 1am! That goes to show how hooked I was on the story. The ending is ugh! I’ll talk more about it on a post after the NEWTs have finished. I am desperate to pick up Scarlett but I can’t, need to restrain myself, as it’s not apart of my TBR for NEWTs and it doesn’t fit any of the other prompts. So that makes the E & O exams done in Herbology and just have to finish my audiobook for the A exam to make both of those books count. I reckon I can do it! Thanks to the audiobook I’m getting through the story now which I’m so happy about!

11th August

Went out shopping and bought myself a new book which I’m excited to read. Might be another plans of a book haul in the near future (but don’t hold me to that). Starting Fangirl which is my book in potions for reading a book in your house colour (green).

14th August

Finished Alice in Wonderland. It didn’t leave me with the feeling I thought I’d get after reading this book. It was a condensed version of the story which could’ve played a part but yeah…

Alice in Wonderland was my one and only book I needed for Care of Magical Creatures. That topic is completed. Yay!

My progress for Week 2


  • Cinder by Marissa Meyer
  • Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll


  • Stalking Jack the Ripper (on chapter 3, 5%)
  • Fangirl (On chapter 3, 5%)
  • Days of Blood and Starlight (on chapter 45, 44%)

Thanks for reading!

Until next time…



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