NEWTS Readathon Week 1 (1st-7th August)

Hey guys! How are you?

Thought I’d try something different and write down what I complete each week. Instead of doing one big post overall. Welcome to my week 1 in the NEWTS Readathon.

Week 1

1st August

The first week started off with a rough start. My first big decision was to decide which book to start off with and I’m really indecisive! I spent a bit of time going from one book to the other and condensing my list of options so I can focus more on the books I know I want to read.

Uni also started this week so I’ve been getting ready for that and always try to remember to pack a book with me so I’ve always got it handy in between classes or to read on transports. I know I need to make the most of my reading this week as by next week Uni assignments will start.

The first book I decided on reading is The Devouring Gray. My attention span has been so poor today so it’s taken me a while to read the first couple of chapters.

2nd August

The Devouring Gray has a very descriptive writing style and like I mentioned before it’s taking me a while still to read. So, I decided to set the book aside and pick up The Wizard of Oz by L.Frank Baum. It’s an easy read so I flew through about half the book.

3rd August

While my brother was playing soccer, I was sipping my tea and reading my book. I was able to finish The Wizard of Oz. It was different from the movie, similarities as well but heaps of extra stuff that was cut from the film. We got to hear about the tin man’s story and how he became the tin man and I had no idea it was dark. I was taken back from it, it wasn’t what I pictured. Did they mention that in the movie and I completely missed it?

Anyway, I did really enjoy it. The pictures were so adorable, I loved them. It was a nice touch. I was happy to tick off my first book. I’ll admit it’s not in the correct order but was a quick read that I could do and get out of the way (Shhh!).

4th August

Read a couple of pages of The Devouring Gray. Slow progress.

5th August

I went book shopping today! I bought more books when I should of been reading instead! But do I regret it? Nah!

One of the books I bought fitted the prompt for The Devouring Gray (book between 350-390 pages). For some reason I wasn’t making progress in the book so I gave my new book a try and in the first day I had already overtaken the amount of pages I read in The Devouring Gray in one afternoon. So, it’s now the book for the prompt instead. Is it one of the other options I had planned in my TBR??…no…but I’m going to try to ignore it.

Wait did I mention my new book? Whoops. It’s Cinder by Marissa Meyer. The story itself is 387 pages even though on Goodreads it says 400 pages. I don’t count the acknowledgements and extra pages.

6th August

I continued reading Cinder. Loving it! I also finally started my audiobook Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor. Smashed out about 70 pages! That’s about 19%. Listened to it while cleaning my room, filling out my bullet journal and dinner. So glad I picked this back up. I forgot how much I enjoyed this.

7th August

Just been busy writing some blog posts and did some Uni work. Didn’t get a lot of reading down. Might do a little bit before I go to bed.

Well that was my first week. There wasn’t heaps of reading done but hopefully it will pick up. Finished one book and currently reading two (one physical and an audio).

How’s your week been? If you’re taking part of NEWTs hope you had a good first week! Good luck everyone!

Until next time…



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