June Wrap-Up 2019

Hey guys!

This month was more of a quiet month for me. Quiet month for my writing as well as reading and everything else in general. I started an online course so that’s taken up most of my time. I haven’t been in the study routine for around a year so I’m trying to get back into it. I’ve been behind on my writing for my blog as well as the one I volunteer at as I’ve been dedicating my time towards studying. I’m trying to find the right balance to mix studying and blog writing.

What I Read:

  • The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter

This is the first book in the Lords of the Underworld series. Last month in ‘what I read’ I talked about the second book in the series The Darkest Kiss. They can be read as standalones and I read the second book thinking I didn’t have the first one and turns out I did!

Anyway, I gave this a 3/5 on Goodreads. I’d say it’s a toss between 3/5 or 3.5/5. That means for me that I enjoyed reading it but I’m not jumping to re-read it the moment I finish it. It wasn’t a life changing novel. It had the same elements as the others which is violence, lots of romance and mixture of mythology. Also, I mentioned this in my last wrap-up, there’s a trigger for Reyes as there’s talk about self-inflicting harm.

  • Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

I gave Milk and Honey a 4/5. Poetry like this always comes down to how you interpret the poem and the connection you have with it. It’s like that for all works of literature but especially poetry. It was a quick read, I definitely highlighted pages and I liked the writing style. For me it flowed really well and I had no problem with it.

  • The Falconer by Elizabeth May

I’m so happy I’ve finished the book! This is a book I picked up and was really enjoying it and then put it down for some reason, was caught in other books, and forgot to pick it up again. I gave this a final rating of 3.8/5.

I love the whole setting of this. It’s Edinburgh in 1844 with steampunk vibes. I appreciated how Aileana is a strong, female protagonist. Throughout the book it shows her going through the grief of her mother’s death as well as experiencing PTSD in witnessing the murder. I thought it was clever how Elizabeth May mixed in this element with her obsession to finding the murderer. It showed her battling against society’s expectations of her through the day and slaughtering the fey at night.

Regarding the writing style, I liked it. I had no trouble reading, it was quick and enjoyed how there were words like Sgian Dhu instead of just saying dagger. I like the way the language was used. However, I did get confused at times of the main adjective that the plot was building up to. I was able to remember the gist but I would mix up what creature was what and just the little details. It could be due to me putting it down halfway and picking it up about a month later.

It gave me Spiderwick Chronicle vibes. In order to see the fey, and you don’t have the sight, you wear a thistle and one of Aileana’s closest friends, Derrick, reminded me of Thimbletack. He loves honey and is small and hides in her room. I’d love a little friend like him.

It has a mixture of action, historical fiction, fantasy and a slow-burning romance (wish there was a bit more to the build up as, even though it was a slow burn, it still felt like it started without any warning).

What I’m Currently Reading:

  • Heart of the Dragon (Atlantis #1) by Gena Showalter

Yes another Gena Showalter book. I’m just a sucker for her stories. There’s just something about them that has me hooked. She has so many books! I find her stories to be quick reads. There are not mind-blowing stuff but they are great when you want to get into a fast paced book. I’m about 127 pages (out of 372) and really properly started reading it yesterday. I just like how she has female leads that can fight back.

  • Anarchy by Megan DeVos

Anarchy is the first book in the series. It’s set in a dystopian world where it’s all about survival. There are rival factions who are in consistent competition and fighting over necessities to survive. They remain loyal to their own faction and would die if caught by the enemy. That’s until Hayden, leader of the Blackwing faction, and Grace, from the faction Greystone, meet. That’s when it gets complicated.

There’s action, friendships, loyalty and does focus more heavily on the romance between Hayden and Grace. What I’ve noticed so far is that the author’s writing is detailed and is very descriptive. I’m liking it so far, about a 100 pages in.

  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K Rowling

As I did for the first book, I’m listening to this on Audible. I thought I might as well continue it on audio as I really enjoyed listening to it. Stephen Fry is a great narrator and I enjoy his voice for Gilderoy Lockhart immensely!

What I’ve Been Up To:

I wasn’t up to a lot this month, I’ll admit. I’ve spent most of my month doing my mini course for psych. As I’ve been focusing on this I’ve been behind on my writing. I know last month my goal was to post more and I ended up posting only twice and I don’t think even once on the other blog I volunteer for. It wasn’t really the best writing month for me. Hopefully, it’s a bit better this month but I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself. Fortunately, Hannah (the owner of the other blog) is very kind and told me to take my time. Also, I’m writing a piece on my experience with anxiety so it’s taken me longer to write this. It’s something I want to get right and want to be happy with the piece.

So that was my June month! Half of the year has officially disappeared. How was your June? Thank you for reading and hope you liked this post 🙂

Until next time…


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