Priceline Haul |July 2019

Hey guys, how are you today? Hope you’re having a pleasant week.

I’m back with another haul post but this time instead of books it’s a Priceline haul. Haven’t done one of these before and I love all the products I picked up. If you don’t know Priceline, it’s a shop that holds skincare, haircare, make up, accessories and perfumes. If I can I’ll provide links to the products. Not sponsored or anything like that, I just really like Priceline haha.


Sukin – Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

This year I’ve been trying the Sukin Cleanser and Facial scrub which I’ve been loving so I thought I’d try another product from the brand. I purchased the hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Its purpose is to refresh hair and is directed towards dry and damaged hair. Now I don’t really have damaged hair, but it doesn’t hurt to use it to just to give it a boost.

What I love about Sukin is that it’s vegan, cruelty free, uses natural ingredient and the packaging is recyclable. These elements are what attracted me to using this brand in the first place.

To know more information the link to the shampoo is here and conditioner here.

Natural Fusions – Chia Seed & Argan Oil Hair Mask

I’ve been getting really into hair masks as well. This one sounded really nice with the chia seeds and argan oil. This hair mask can be done in two different ways. You can use it by applying it to wet hair (in-shower), wait 10-15 minutes before rinsing it out. The other way is to let it soak in overnight whilst holding your hair in a towel then when you wake up rinse it out.

To know more information about this product I’ll provide the link here.


Essano – Soothing Sensitive Wipes

I like Essano. I know that they’re a brand that is cruelty free and the packaging is recyclable and ingredients are certified organic. I’ve used their moisturiser, cleanser, facial scrub and recently their shampoo and conditioner. I’m hoping these will be nice too.

Link to the face wipes here.


Camille & Mae – Duo Bath Bomb Fizzer Sets

These looked so cute and were only $5 each. Bath bombs that smelt like birthday cake and a island holiday sounded perfect. Vanilla and caramel sounds delicious!

Link to the Birthday Cake duo here.


Sweet Little Things – Mini Hottie

I haven’t tried this out yet but I was intrigued. Apparently (if this is correct) all you have to do is bend it in the middle and then that kicks off a reaction where it warms up. It’s a nice size to hold in your hands. I actually bought this as a gift for a friend. I thought it looked really cute and would be handy as the temperature is getting cooler.

I could not find a link for this product.

Feather & Down – Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray

I love a good pillow spray. I saw this on the shelf and I instantly grab it and placed it in my basket. The packaging is what attracted me. The colour duo of gold and royal blue just entranced me in buying it. It’s absolutely beautiful. Also, most pillow sprays only have lavender and I saw that this has lavender and chamomile essential oils in it. I use this every night, even when I’ve slept over at other people’s houses, I bring it with me.

All I need is a couple of sprays and continue getting ready for bed. By then it’ll be settled into my pillow and I relax, breathe in and let out a sigh.

Link to the pillow spray here.

That comes to the end of this little haul. Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

Until next time…


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