A Totally Unplanned Book Haul| May 2019 Part 2

Hey everyone! How are you today?

Welcome to part two of my book haul. Along with this I will also be posting a Manga haul another day as I’ve picked up a few and thought I’d do them separately. So, here is part two!

The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman

The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman is a thriller (from what I’ve gathered) and mystery novel. I was lucky to find this book on a limited offer for $15.99. This cover is the UK version which I absolutely adore. The cover is giving me major ’80s vibes. People have been pitching this book as Stranger Things meets The Raven Boys. I’ll confess now I’ve never read The Raven Boys or seen Stranger Things! They are both on my list to read and watch.

Anyway, this book is about a town within the woodlands of rural New York. Following is a Goodreads summary: Newbie to the town, Violet Saunders, is a descendant of one of the founding families along with four others (Justin, May, Isaac and Harper). They are all feared and the town’s people keep their distance. Suddenly, bodies start to appear in the woods creating an uproar within the town. Violet, Justin, May, Isaac and Harper take it upon themselves to solve the mystery before the beast can strike again.

I haven’t read mystery for a while and I’m looking forward to reading this. Also, it has pink sprayed edges and it’s so pretty!

Pink sprayed edges

Akarnae by Lynette Noni

Akarnae is the first book in the Medoran Chronicles. I don’t know heaps about this series so I’m not too sure what to expect. All I know is that this is a YA fantasy. Follows a girl named Alexandra who finds herself walking, literally, into a world called Medora and is now trying to find her way back home. The man who can help Alexandra is away so while she waits she makes herself become acquainted with the new world.

The Fallen Kingdom by Elizabeth May

The Fallen Kingdom is the final book in the trilogy. The second novel was in the first part of my book haul and fortunately this arrived a couple of days ago, just in time to include within the haul. It’s nice to have the complete trilogy now.

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E Schwab

V.E Schwab is a name that I’ve heard many times in the book community. I knew that I’ve got to read at least one of her books. I thought I’d try out the Shades of Magic series. I’ve heard good reviews on it and I’m very intrigued about the world it’s based on. Apparently, it focuses on four types of London’s that are parallel universes; red, grey, white and black. Kell, is the last magician who is able to travel between the worlds. Whenever he ventures into each London he smuggles, I guess, a souvenir with him. From what I presume he chose the wrong item to smuggle and now people are after him.

It sounds so magical and enchanting. I’m curious to read and learn about each London.

What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon

Now this is a book I’ve been eager to get my hands on. From the moment I saw this on Instagram I knew that I’ve got to read this. Firstly, the cover is beautiful. Secondly, there have been really good reviews. I had to wait for a few weeks as it was out of stock and needed to wait until it was available. I started to read this on my Kindle and have only read the prologue so far but I’m liking it.

What The Wind Knows is a novel focused on a our protagonist, Anne Gallagher, who has travelled to Ireland after her grandfather passed away. The present time of the book is set in 2001. Miraculously during her visit, she was transported back in time to Ireland 1912. Now finding herself in the midst of a war rising Anne is determined to find her way back to her time. Along the way she comes across a man named Thomas and is now conflicted with her head and heart.

It has now come to the end of the book haul haha! Hope you enjoyed these two posts and I’m sure there will be plenty of more book hauls to come 🙂

Until next time…


One thought on “A Totally Unplanned Book Haul| May 2019 Part 2

  1. Yes…. i have a cpuple of these tirles on my TBR list. Currently reading A Darker Shade of Magic. Can’t wait to read The Devouring Grey and What the Wind Knows next. Looking forward to your Manga Haul next!!!


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