March 2019 Bellabox + Review

Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a pleasant day 🙂

As you’ve read from the title it’s time for a new Bellabox. Again, as I’ve mentioned in the previous posts, this is a monthly subscription box that I pay for. This month’s arrival was one of my favourites that I’ve received. The theme of this box was Runway Ready.

Palmolive Hand Sanitiser – Lemon & White Citrus

You can’t go wrong with a hand sanitiser. This is a great one as the size is perfect to put it in your bag. The scent is not too strong and feels nice on the skin.

Acqua di Parma

This is a nice sample size of a perfume. To be honest, I wasn’t really keen on the scent. Not one I would personally choose. On the card it explains the scent of rosemary, cardamom, jasmine sambac and musk. The aroma was strong which is good if you’re a fan of the scent. I lean more towards a sweeter scent for my perfumes. It’s not bad, just not my go-to style.

Bang Beauty – Eyebrow Kit

I really like the packaging and comes with it’s own little applicator in the box. It’s simple and easy to use. It has a smooth application and blends really well, however, I do have to apply it a few times as it is a light brown and my eyebrows are dark. The downside is that the colour is mismatched but obviously they’re not aware of my hair colour so no biggie, it’s just I have to put a bit in to get a darker shade. I really like using this though.

Skinvitals Cosmeceuticals – 2 step Face Mask

You can’t pass up a face mask! This face mask focuses on brightening the skin and is done in two parts. Before applying I cleansed my face.

1st part: contains an anti-ageing serum in the pouch at the top of the packet (the white section). You’re able to separate it and open up. The serum can be placed around the face but concentrate more on specific parts concerned with ageing.

2nd part: the face mask in the light orange/peach colour section. Simply place on face and leave on for 15 minutes. After the time is up, rub in the extra serum.

It did take quite some time for the skin to soak up the moisture on the face, as there was a lot, but I really enjoyed it. I allocated my night to do this so I could take my time and relax which is the whole point to a face mask. Thumbs up!

Toni&Guy Hair Ties

These hair ties are pretty and cute. They have a decent stretch to them, some of the hair ties have more stretch then others, and do the job well. I would say my hair is medium thickness and I’m able to to wrap the hair tie around a couple of times. Great to add to your collection.

Palmolive Body Moisturiser

Firstly, I need to remember to take photos straight away. I used this and thought crap I didn’t take a photo. So here’s the empty packet haha. I liked this moisturiser. For a small sample I felt like there was a lot so I was able to use it on majority of my body. It had a lovely floral scent and was refreshing on the skin, light and didn’t leave it feeling oily.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I quite enjoyed the products in this box. Let me know if you’d like me to show you these boxes. Have any of you tried these products?

Until next time…



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