Lush Haul

Hey guys! How are you today?

Well recently I ventured out into the city and had to stop in Lush now, didn’t I? Went in to have a look for one item and came out out with four items (+1 for my Auntie). I like my collection of bath supplies and these were nice new additions. I can’t wait to try these!

Little Bottle of Calm

Packaging: Add this dab of lavender, chamomile and tonka to your bath. Leave town with a fizz of calm and pretend you’re laughing at it. Alternatively, just pop into the tub and relax.

Okay so the moment I found these I had to grab one. The size was so cute and was made for just one bath. My immediate thought when I saw the bath bomb was as though I was transported into Alice and Wonderland. It reminded me of the biscuits that says ‘Eat Me’ or the bottle with ‘Drink Me’ labels on them. Also, the book ‘Little Book of Calm‘.

What appealed me was that it was a relaxing bath bomb. Infused with lavender, chamomile sounded so lovely. I’m drawn to these type of bath bombs immediately.

‘Imagine every day is a holiday. Do one little thing that stimulates this holiday mood each day, then watch your worries fade away.’

Rose Butterfly

Packaging: Drop into a nice hot bath and relax as a powdery rose and lemon oil perfume infuses your bathwater.

Apparently, the Rose Butterfly is limited addition. I’m not too sure how long it will be available for. The colours are beautiful.

The bath bomb has a floral scent. Within the butterfly it has rose oil, which I read on their website is good for balance and restoring, along with Sicilian Lemon Oil which is for cleansing.

This would be great to use on a nice sunny day!

Under the Umbrella Tree

Packaging: If you don’t live near a forest there is no need to go without. Create a canopy with your umbrella, lay back and inhale uplifting grapefruit. Lemon and Neroli.

It doesn’t look as vibrant as it does on the website but I’m not going to judge it as I’m sure it doesn’t affect the overall result.

The scent is ‘woody’ if that is the correct term for it. When I smelt it, it did smell a bit like a forest scent. I was curious to see the benefits within this bath bomb so I decided to do some research. It contains Cedarwood oil (tones skin and aroma is used to calm the mind) , Vetivert oil (soothing, relaxation and nourishes skin) and Grapefruit oil (refresh and cleansing). This seemed like a nice combination. Had something for the body and the mind, like majority of products from Lush. Looking forward to this.

More Tea and Sympathy Teapot

Packaging: A soothing, cleansing soak is anyone’s cup of tea.

I saw this on Lush’s instagram story and thought that was so cool. This bath bomb was the reason why I wanted to go into Lush in the first place. I was fascinated by the idea of a bag of Earl Grey tea and, I believe, some Green tea being used within the bath bomb. I LOVE how it actually looks like a teapot with a tea bag. I’m looking forward to this one the most.

The Earl Grey releases a relaxing scent and the Green tea cleanses the skin. A different way to enjoy a soothing cuppa. This bath bomb is also limited edition.

Hope you enjoyed reading! What’s your favourite bath bomb?

Until next time…



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