February Wrap-Up 2019

Second month of 2019 is completed. I’m glad that it’s over. I guess you could say this was one of my most challenging months for me. There was a lot of stress, tears and anxiety after the passing of a loved family member. It’s something I’d never experienced before so it was overwhelming and a lot to take.

Aside from this it was a month filled with family love. The passing of my grandpa, due to cancer, brought us closer (even though we are a tight family already). We were there to support each other, listen to one another or keep each other company if one of us was feeling down.  

Now, enough about this it’s time for the monthly wrap-up!

What I’ve Read:

  • Perfect Chemistry #1 by Simone Elkeles
    • Rating: 5/5
  • Rules of Attraction #2 by Simone Elkeles
    • Rating: 4/5
  • Chain Reaction #3 by Simone Elkeles
    • Rating: 4/5

I loved this whole series. Filled with boys in gangs, Mexican, cocky (but not to the point where you are constantly rolling your eyes and scoffing), but who also have a sensitive side that makes you swoon. Strong female characters, yes. Each book focuses on one of the Fuentes brothers and their story on battling with the possibility that they could live a life that doesn’t involve gangs and violence.

The Fuentes brothers wins over your heart in their own style.

Overall, a great YA read that isn’t full on cliche. This series also focuses primarily on cultural/social stereotypes, family bonds and telling people that there’s more to a person’s story than meets the eye. First impressions aren’t always correct.

Currently Reading:

  • Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor

Since I’ve taken so long to publish this post, I’ve finished this book and now onto the sequel.

Rating: 4/5

  • Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (And Other Lies) by Scarlett Curtis

Nearly finished this book only have a few chapters left. It’s a good read and opens up your eyes. It’s powerful, heartbreaking and each story (chapter) is meaningful.

What I’ve Done/Achievements:

  • Started volunteer writing at JNSQ
    • On Instagram I saw that Hannah posted on her story about including volunteer writers and I thought what’s the harm in trying, huh? If I get selected then awesome, if not then at least I tried. Fortunately, I ended up being selected and now volunteer writing on her blog once a week. It’s been fun and something different as I’ve never written stuff for anybody other than for the purpose of my blog. It’s a good experience.
  •  Reached an overall 200 likes on my post which was amazing! I didn’t even realise I was close to that (to be honest I don’t really check), so it was a nice surprise to wake up to 😊
  • Continued on my e-book that I mentioned in the January Wrap-Up. This month is all about maintaining a self-care checklist and routine!

Well that’s pretty much it. It was more of a quieter month where I spent the majority of my time with my family.

Until next time…


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