Shower/Bath Products that I Love!

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Now this year one of my things that I want to do more is have baths and look after my skin more. What’s a better time to love and treat yourself to a pamper session than February. The month of love. May seem like an odd thing but I’ve always been the person to hop in the shower, shave and then get out. Ever since I started blogging my interest in shower and bath products have increased. I’ve been going through my drawers and have found products I completely forgot about but now am so excited to use! I’ve been trying out different products and different brands, trying to find what I like. These are a few shower and baths products that I noticed I kept reaching for.

Shower Products

L’occitane – Shower Oil

From what I’m aware of this brand does not test on animals, is vegan and packaging is recyclable. They are working on minimising palm oil so I’m selective on what I purchase. I’m pretty sure this shower oil does not contain palm oil.

This is the first L’Occitane product I’ve ever tried. It was a present to me for my birthday and I completely forgot about it until I rummaged in my drawers and found this lying amongst other bathroom products. Reading that it is a shower oil made me curious, I’ve never tried a shower oil before. I used it like a body wash. Once I covered my skin the liquid transformed into a foam that was gentle against my skin. The almond scent wasn’t overpowering and left my skin feeling smooth after my shower.

Zoella Beauty – Soak Opera

With a little bit of research Zoella Beauty is cruelty free and does not test on animals, however, I’m not 100% sure if the brand is vegan or not.

This is one of my favourite products from Zoella Beauty, it is a bath and shower cream. Primarily, I use it in the shower. Soak Opera has a floral scent which lingers making your shower smell lovely. I find that I use this before I shave as it’s like a little barrier between the razor and my skin. I don’t know if that’s the correct way but it hasn’t done me wrong.

Lush – H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment

Lush is a vegetarian industry, 80% vegan and cruelty-free.

Hair treatments and hair masks are new areas I’ve never ventured into before. The instructions were pretty straight forward: scoop the product into your hand then run it throughout your hair evenly, wait for 20 minutes and rinse it out before doing your usual shampoo and conditioning. It did feel like it refreshed my hair, I really liked it. It’s a product I do now and then, making it difficult to use it all up before the ‘best used before’ date. The scent reminds me of nutmeg and even when dried the scent clings to your hair, a feature that I love. From reviews majority of the people comment on the strength of the scent so if you can tolerate a nutmeg and chai scent then it’s perfect.

Bath Products

Zoella Beauty – Drench Me

Back with another Zoella Beauty product! This was from her Splash Botanics range. As you can see by the design on the title of the product it is based on a tropical theme. The scent that emanates a floral/tropical aroma. I found that a little goes a long way as moments after connecting it to the water it starts to bubble. It leaves no oily residue and helps achieve soft skin.

Oh Deer Sugar Bubble Bath

This is an extraordinary local bath and body brand. Through research I’ve discovered that all there products are completely vegan, are not tested on animals and packaging is recyclable!

Lemon, Lime & Bitters Donut

This bubble bath doughnut is good for multiple uses. To me, initially, it has a slight citrusy scent rather than smelling like lemon, lime and bitters but I don’t find that to be a major issue. If anything I was disappointed in the amount of bubbles it created. I expected more and ended up using the whole thing instead of only half like I was planning. Nevertheless, I love the style of the bubble bath and honestly it looks so delicious haha.

Christmas Meringue

As you can tell from the size it’s only created for one use but hey I was impressed on how many bubbles it produced for it only being a small drop in my hand. For a small product it creates a sufficient amount of bubbles but does not last that long.

Gingerbread Man

This was such a fun one. Again, for it’s size it created a good amount of bubbles but they did not last very long and needed to add more bubbles to my bath. What I loved the most was once it hit the water it gave out a mouth-watering gingerbread smell. What a revelation! Who would of thought a gingerbread man bubble bath has a gingerbread smell but I was amazed how it did smell like gingerbread. No wonder why on the packet it says ‘Do not eat’.

These are my favourite products I’ve been currently using. I welcome any recommendations and I want to find more products that are vegan, cruelty free, etc. What are your favourite bath and shower products?

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4 thoughts on “Shower/Bath Products that I Love!

  1. I am a big fan of Zoella products, body shop and lush. I love weekly face mask treatments that i can do at home. There is so many to choose from at the moment, we definitely are spoilt for choice.

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