December 2018 Bellabox + Review

*Not sponsored, all opinions and experiences are of my own*

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Hi guys!

To start the new year off my first BellaBox arrived a couple of days into January. The subscription was a gift from my mum as she found a great deal from Groupon. I’m new to BellaBox, in fact I’ve never had a subscription before for anything, so it was exciting to have a parcel arrive. It’s like a little gift every month to yourself.

When I researched into Bellabox I saw that it was a cool opportunity to try out new beauty products and maybe find a new brand to fall in love with. They offer sample sizes of 5 products. You get a variety of products that you can tailor to your preferences. They provide brands from the drugstore to high end. The samples are decent sizes and from what I’ve seen so far it seems completely worth it. A wonderful way to treat yourself.

Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub

A scrub that clears away all impurities that can be in your pores. It takes into consideration of your skin and guarantees it’s suitable sensitive skin and can be used in your daily routine.

How to use (as said on website): simply wet face with warm water and massage the scrub in circular motions. Rinse then pat to dry your face.

My experience: it wasn’t the greatest experience. The moment I was massaging it into my skin it immediately started to feel itchy and couldn’t keep it on long before deciding to wash it off. My cheeks were red, warm and tight. My skin has never reacted that way to a product before. If reminded me of a sunburn, not the best feeling.

I learnt a lesson after doing so research. Firstly, test with a patch of skin first and wait 24hrs before continue of use if there was no reaction. Secondly, even if it says ‘dermatologist recommended/approved’, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have properly tested it and all skin type reacts differently even if it says ‘good for all skin types’.

Laqua & Co – Cheeky Lip

How to use: It has two uses. It can glide across the lips as well as be used as a blush.

My experience: the Cheeky lip is a vibrant, coral colour. It wasn’t a colour I wouldn’t choose personally but I still wanted to try it. The most upsetting thing was that it was quite patchy. I’ve only tried it once on my lips and decided to pass on it. Also, it wouldn’t be a colour I would put on my cheeks but that’s just me. It’s a shame because I was looking forward to this.

Palmer’s – Creamy Cleanser & Makeup Remover

How to use: the way I used was to wet the face slightly and then placed the cleanser/make up remover on. I then rub the product in lightly then when finished I wash it off.

My experience: I’ll be honest I was sceptical at first. I was thinking a cleanser and a make-up remover?! I’d never seen that before. Nevertheless, I tried it and was surprised with the results. I wear light make up and I feel like it did the job well. To double check I used another make up remover after I used this product to see if there was any traces of make up left on my face. When I went over with the second make-up remover not a lot came up showing it had actually been wiped off. All in all I was impressed and the best thing was my skin didn’t react badly to it. I’m definitely keeping this.

Vitamasques Pomegranate Moisturisng, Firming and Lifting Face Mask

How to use: On the packet it instructs to cleanse & wash your face beforehand and when placing it on you avoid the eyes and lips. You leave it on for 10-20 mins then once done pat the excess into your skin.

My experience: I left it on for 10 minutes and I’m not too sure about the firming and lifting feature but it felt refreshing when I took it off. It was very relaxing. I’m trying to get more into skin care and this was nice to do.

La Roche-Posay Anti-Wrinkle Care

Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Primer For Face/Neck

These two products I have not tried and honestly probably won’t. I know it’s good to try all the products but these products are all about getting rid or helping your wrinkles. As a nineteen year I feel like I don’t need to use these (well hopefully not!) so I might just give them a pass.

Well those are all the products in the December Bellabox. Again, I want to make this clear it is not paid or sponsored. I’m already looking forward to January’s box to unveil all the goodies to try out. Let me know what you think of this and hopefully you enjoyed reading this post. Have any of you received a Bellabox or tried any of these products?

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