Welcome 2019

Hey everyone! How are you guys today? 😁

Well 2019 is officially underway. Nearly half the month has gone already. I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging. After blogging everyday day in December up to Christmas Eve I took a break over Christmas and New Years, so I feel like I’m out of the routine of writing, which is a habit I definitely need to get back into. I have missed writing but I’ve also felt stuck on what to write which has halted my process. So, I just want to ease back into it to get the ball rolling.

All the Christmas decorations have been taken down and the house looks so empty, especially my room. I had an amazing Christmas with my family and watching the carols on Christmas Eve. I love and thankful for all my presents I received. I feel like this December I enjoyed wrapping presents a lot more as I was quite proud of the gifts I got my family and got more involved with adding extra touches to my wrapping like ribbons and little bells. To be honest, I kinda miss wrapping the presents while watching a Vlogmas.

NOW, when January comes around so do resolutions. Personally, I have never made resolutions for myself and maybe I should start. The reason why I don’t, is because I don’t really want to put too much pressure on myself. I mean, sure I have goals that I would love to achieve but I also want to be open to whatever happens. I may have goals but I might choose a path that would lead me to other goals that I had no idea about and wouldn’t have discovered if I hadn’t taken that path in the first place. I’m not against creating resolutions by any means. Like I said maybe what I need to do is to create resolutions for myself (but then again I’ll probably forget about them half way through the year knowing me).

As January is the month about change and new beginnings it has definitely made me think about the year ahead of me. I know for certain that this year, not just this month, but this whole year is going to be all about change. My January so far has been very different and only slightly similar to last year’s January. Already, things are looking different as I am thinking of going back to Uni in the mid-year admissions instead of at the beginning of the year. Around this time last year I was constantly loosing sleep over my decision on whether I wanted to go to Uni or not. To make a long story short I went to Uni and ended up withdrawing mid-year. This time I want to be certain with my decision plus there are other aspects in my life right now that I want to concentrate on. Another part of my life that makes this year go under the ‘change’ category is that I have a job interview, which I’m very excited and nervous about. This will also be my last year as a teenager. Crazy. Right now I feel like things are shifting. It’s gonna be a significant year.

Overall, I just want to cherish 2019 with my family, those in my life and the future decisions I choose as well maintain a positive mind set. I don’t regret any of my choices I made last year and those choices have helped me spend more time with my family which has been very important. Writing about above goals and how I should probably write some, have made me think about general goals I would like to pursue and strive to achieve this year.

My 2019 Goals

  • Drink more water (last year I felt like I didn’t really bother with water as much as I should have so I’m definitely adding that to my list)
  • To not be so worried about my eating (haven’t talked about this on my blog, maybe I will this year but this is about to not feel pressured when it comes to eating or putting myself down if I haven’t reached the goal set for me)
  • To have a job (this was my goal last year and sadly did not accomplish it but hopefully that will change soon *cross fingers*)
  • Take more time out for myself such as self-care, pamper sessions, baths, etc (I’ve started to do it more but I feel like I still need to remind myself to do something for myself)

How has everyone’s January been so far? Has anyone made resolutions and if so how has it been going so far?

Until next time…


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