December 22nd: Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Hey guys, hope you’re having a brilliant day! The final countdown of three sleeps ’til Christmas. Insane. Still feeling a bit yuck but not as bad as yesterday thankfully but anyway another quick post today.

I’m probably really late with this post but as it’s still December I thought I should do a Secret Santa (Kris Kringle) post. The ideal gift all comes down to price range and what you know about them. Below is a list of ideas that you can use for Secret Santa ideas.

Some Secret Santa Ideas

  • Pets – if you know you’re secret santa has pets and you’re stuck on what to get them then buy for your friend’s pet
  • Notebooks! Stationary is always a good and useful present. A cute notebook with pen and other writing utensils. Make it a writing set.
  • Diary – similar to notebooks a diary is always good for organisation or another option is a bullet journal.
  • Mugs – you know how I love mugs and if they are a big tea drinker or have a favourite hot drink then you can buy so supplies (e.g. tea bags)
  • Candles – I feel like candles are always a nice present
  • Face masks – this is a big hit with my friends. We all enjoy face masks.
  • Gift cards – don’t be ashamed of a gift card cause instead of you worrying about a good gift then they can buy the present they love with help from you.
  • Jewellery – cute earrings or a nice necklace 
  • Books – have they mentioned a book they’ve been dying to read or an author they love?
  • Plants – real or fake they immediately change the whole vibe of a room
  • Food – can’t go wrong with food. Nothing like some chocolate or some lollies that you know they’ll love.
  • Perfume – this might be on the more expensive side as perfume can be quite pricey but depends on your price range
  • Games – a little packet of card games or travel sized games.
  • Christmas decoration – as it’s Christmas it’s a nice idea to give them a cute Christmas decor or even an ornament
  • Bath – a gorgeous smelling bath bomb, relaxing bubbles, pamper your secret santa.

These are only a small handful of options to buy for your secret santa. Comment below if you have other ideas and would love to share them. Today’s little advent present are some make-up wipes.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Cya guys tomorrow 🙂

Until next time…



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