December 21st: Christmas Mug Collection

Hey guys, hope you’re all having a great day! I can’t believe it’s 4 sleeps ’til Christmas! That’s crazy!

Okay first, I want to say I’m sorry this is up later than usual. I haven’t been feeling the greatest and really tired (even now my eyes feel heavy) but I’m determined to not miss a day. I’ve made it this far and I would be so devastated if I left one day out.

As you can see from the title it’s all about Christmas cups! Now, I love my cups. I’m drawn to them. I feel like when I move out I will be taking half of the cup collection because they are mine and leaving mum with only a handful haha.

Now, there’s a lot of tacky mugs out there and I just think when it involves Christmas tacky mugs just make them feel more lovable. Plus when you have your morning coffees (or preffered morning beverage) it instantly puts you in a Christmas mood waking up to one of these.

*not sponsored or paid to promote*

Last year Coles had on sale these three mugs; Santa, Christmas Pudding and a Penguin.

Out of them all people might call this one the ‘tackiest’ but I feel like you’ve got to have at least one Santa mug in your collection. To be honest when using these mugs I forget about the designs on them. To me they’re just fun to have.

I’ve been using this one a lot this month. I reckon it’s one of my favourites. The Christmas pudding is a pleasant size and I like the simple design. I love using this mug when I snuggle up on the couch with a book.

Next, is a the penguin mug. Despite it being a bit of an odd shape for a mug, it’s just comfortable to hold and get a grip of. The size is nice and the penguin wearing the scarf is so cute.

I saw this mug yesterday at Typo. It was the last one, half price at under $10 and without even thinking I grabbed it before it left my sight. This is so cool. It reminds me of a Christmas jumper and I’m pretty sure that was the aim of this mug. It has the pattern of Christmas jumpers (red and navy colour) and two handles which I’m assuming would be the sleeves. I don’t regret my purchase and so looking forward to using this.

Today’s advent present are some eye mask. I can say right now I’ll definitely will be doing this over the weekend.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Cross fingers I feel better and see you guys tomorrow!

Until next time…



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