December 20th: Christmas Decorations/New Decorations

Hey guys, hope you’re all having a dynamic day!

Today’s post is going to be a mixture of things. I’ll be showing you guys some of my new decorations and as well as some of my favourite Christmas decorations around the house.

Found this in the sale basket at Harris Scarfe today. It’s a beautiful Hummingbird. It may be hard to tell in the picture but the Hummingbird is gold.

I was curious to know the symbolism behind the Hummingbird and found out it symbolizes joy, beauty and love. The Hummingbird reminds us of the beauty and fulfillment of life. I feel like it does suit the spirit of Christmas

This next tree decoration was an early Christmas present from my Aunty. I adore this decoration of a wreath. The green and the red are so vibrant and the delicate details of the birds, as well as the details on the wreath, makes it feel so elegant. A classic feature that I will admire every year.

I saw this last year, in the more tropical Christmas decoration section. I don’t really go for those but I saw this hanging up and I loved it. It’s currently in my room, hanging up on my wall and I just love this sign.

I got very spoilt today with another early Christmas present from my Aunty. I’ve only had this for a few hours but this holds a dear place in my heart, from the rocking horse to the little teddy bear. When my Aunty and I were talking about our fondness over this beautiful rocking horse we both agreed that this is such a classic piece for Christmas. It’s immediately reminds you and gives you that feel of a classic childhood story.

It’s currently found a home on my shelves with my books, which I feel like is the perfect place. It’s gives such a great vibe.

You’ve probably seen this picture before for my Christmas candles post. If you’ve read that post you’d also know that I love candles. It’s such a simple thing that can change the whole feeling of a room. For Christmas it just makes it feel so snug.

Another feature that makes the house feel so cozy is our fireplace. It’s not a working fireplace obviously. The part to actually hold the fire was taken out before we moved into the house leaving the remaining of the area barren. To make the classic fireplace, we found material that’s similar to disposable table cloth and put a layer of it over the old brick. The mantel is covered with candles, decorations and garlands along with little house lights. To finish it off the fireplace area was filled with decorations, creating a nice atmospheric feature for those who don’t have a working fireplace.

My advent surprise for today was a delicious Freddo! 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. See you tomorrow!

Until next time…



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