December 18th: Gingerbread House and Biscuits

Hey guys, hope you’re all having a good day!

I’m going to be honest I’m so tired. I think the last couple of days are catching up to me.

This morning we had another activity filled day. We headed down to a community centre where they hosted a gingerbread making workshop along with biscuit decorating. It was open to family’s and people of all ages, $20 and it lasted for two hours. Two hours I think is a great time period because with kids by the end of the second hour mark they start to get fidgety and over it. 

I think I’ve only made a Gingerbread House maybe only once before so I am definitely no expert! Gingerbread House making is like the ultimate test of patience. It requires teamwork and looks easier than it actually is!

The gingerbread house kit we were given 

Kit contained all sides of the house, penguin decorations, lollies and crushed candy canes. We were of course given Royal Icing. It wasn’t runny like normal icing, it had a thicker consistent and allowed us to mold it once we put it on the house.

The biscuit decorating kit we were given

The kit included a packet of some plain biscuits, pink icing (normal icing not Royal), sprinkles (100s and 1000s) as well as a bowl of lollies. 

Ultimate concentration

We didn’t want to try anything too complicated we went for simple exterior designs and focused more on the roof.

Front view
Final result all wrapped up nicely and tied with a ribbon

Our biscuits ended up with various types of design. We left my brother and sister in control of the decorating. They were working hard in order to impress Santa on Christmas Eve. I found that cute.

Final result of the biscuits (decorated by my brother and sister)

Our Gingerbread House didn’t turn out too bad. Sadly, the roof didn’t remain intact. It was a fun, kinda stressful experience haha, but really it was great fun. The whole session was sold out so it was busy but everyone was enjoying themselves, adults and kids. 

My advent present today is some eye make-up remover.

Have any of you tried a Gingerbread House workshop or made a Gingerbread House this month? See you guys tomorrow!

Until next time…



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