December 17th: Fun Christmas Interview ft. my Grandma

Hey guys, hope you’re all having a pleasant day!

Today’s post is gonna be all about my grandma. I gathered a few questions, I will link the websites at the bottom of the post. 

I headed down to my grandparents for the day so I thought it would be a good idea to talk to my grandma about how she celebrated Christmas as a child and anything Christmas related 🙂 

Just a quick fun little post.

Q1) Where were you born?

In England, born in Crosby and lived in Blundlesands

Q2) What were Christmas’ like where you grew up?

 It’s lovely as it was spending Christmas with my family. The weather was cold, and got colder to the lead up to Christmas (the complete opposite to how it is now). It was busy as she grew up with three sisters and one brother, the youngest of five. 

In 1976, we (her and my grandpa) came down to Australia , lived in Sydney for 2 yrs then drove all around Australia to check it out and decide where to settle. We drove from Sydney, to Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide then Perth. The choice was between Perth and Adelaide but decided on Adelaide because we thought it was quieter than Sydney and Melbourne, as well as it being closer to friends in Sydney.

Q3) What type of Christmas’ do you prefer; an Australian Christmas or a Christmas in England?

Christmas is all about family. Whether it’s hot or cold it still feels like Christmas because I’m with my family.

Q4) Did you have any family traditions at Christmas?

All I seem to remember is that we had a piece of fruit in a stocking that was left at the end of the be to wake up to. Later there would be one present each under the tree. For lunch we would have a nice big Turkey with Christmas crackers. For dessert we have pudding that’s covered in Brandy then would be set alight. It would then be served with custard with a six pence in it.  

Q5) What was your house like during the holiday season?

We had a tree and decorations all around the house.

Q6) What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Spending time with the family. 

Q7) Name a favourite family Christmas ornament and why it is special.

I have quite a few special ornaments on my tree given to me from people I feel are special but I would have to say the ornament from my mother is the most special to me.

Q8) Name a Christmas song that is for sure on your playlist?

All I Want For Christmas is You – Mariah Carey

Q9) If you had to be trapped in a Christmas movie, which one would you choose?

Love Actually

Q10) What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

Santa Claus the Movie (1985)

Q11) Complete this sentence: the best way to spend a Saturday in December is…

With family

Q12) What is the ugliest Christmas ornament you’ve ever seen?

I can’t really remember but it’s in the Op Shop

Q13) If you could be a character in any holiday film who would it be and why?

Fantastic Beasts Newts friend.

*Not really a holiday film hahaha but I just let it go*

Links to some questions:

30 Questions to Ask Your Grandparents

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! My advent present today was a packet of 100 cotton tips

Until next time…


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