December 12th: Christmas Wrapping

Hey guys, hope you’re all having a tremendous day!

I had a chill day at my grandparents, watching some Vlogmas and Christmas films. My perfect day.

Anyway, alongside Christmas shopping, wrapping is the next stressful thing. I always forget to do it and next minute it’s a few days away from Christmas and I rush so the presents end up looking like a mess.

I’m now determined to start it earlier so it’s one less thing to worry about in the lead up to Christmas.

The Mess of Christmas Wrapping

This year I’ve been admiring all the wrapping paper styles and patterns. I’m seeing a lot of tartan patterns which I love. It also looks as though there is a woodland theme this Christmas, which again I’m not hating.

Bought majority of my wrapping from IKEA as well as Kmart (I feel like in every post so far I’ve mentioned Kmart at least once lol). IKEA were the ones who had a lot of the woodland theme and tartan. I’m a person who is drawn to the more darker patterns and colours than ones that are bright red and green. 

Next, ribbons, they’re a classic component to a present. It changes the whole look of the gift. It feels as though it just completes it. As I mentioned earlier I’m normally in a rush when I’m wrapping my presents so my goal was only caring about getting the presents wrapped. Now, as I’m starting early, I’m making sure I take my time and do a little extra. Also, there’s that satisfying feeling you get when all the presents look so pretty.   

For my presents I’m using white, red, tartan and gold ribbon (gold ribbons not in picture as I’ve used it up). They alternate depending on the wrapping paper.

The finishing touch to complete the wrapping is of course the name tag. I feel like there’s two options; sparkly or cute. I use both and mix it up.

Put each of these components together and you have a beautifully wrapped present!

Can’t take credit for this wrapping. Mum did it.
This one’s my wrapping.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and didn’t mind a more simple low-key post today. It’s not the most exciting content but hey what’s more Christmas than getting all your Christmas pressies ready. I’ll be honest I had no clue what to write today. I’ll admit I’m running out of ideas haha but I’ve got a good weekend coming up so that will be exciting.

Until next time…



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