December 11th: Christmas Treats

Hey guys, hope you’re all having a lovely day!

With a festive holiday there has to be the festive treats! You can’t celebrate Christmas without some food. This is simple, quick post on the festive treats that I love. 

Quality Street & Roses

These are absolute classics. I’ve never seen these tins before, somehow they hid from me last year, because I definitely would have gotten them. I’m more familiar with Roses but you can never go wrong with them, no matter what time of the year it is. Although, they are more special in December.

Quality Street, I’m not as familiar with. I haven’t eaten it as much as Roses and to be honest I’ve never really seen it in stores. When I watch Vlogmas’ I’ve seen YouTubers in the UK have these so I thought it was only available in England. That was until the end of November when I saw these for sale at Kmart. We bought them both at once and now when we watch Vlogmas we bring them out to snack on.

These are great for family gatherings, or when friends come around for a catch-up or even just lounging on the couch and watching your fave holiday film! I’m the lounge on the couch option. 

Pfeffernuisse (don’t know how to get that accent)

These are iced gingerbread cookies. They are soft to bite and a bit sweet with the icing so I don’t really have heaps but they’re a great to have during the holiday season.

Gingerbread & Apple Pies

Now, I’m not a massive fan on mince pies and Christmas cake/pudding (I’m sorry!). It’s the fruit cake part that I don’t like. I’ll still have a small piece on Christmas with ice-cream but it’s not my go to. These alternate options offered are great for those who , like me, don’t like mince pies. 

I had these last year and tasted heavenly so they were a definite must. From what I can remember the sauce was a spiced gingerbread flavour with small apple chunks throughout. So tasty! 

Mr. Kipling – Strawberry, Raspberry & Prosecco Fruit Pies

I haven’t tried these ones yet but I’m intrigued. They’re a nice mini size and sound delicious. I’m hoping they taste good. Love the box. Another simple alternative to those you don’t like the tradition mince pies.

Well that’s all for today! I’ll just quickly add here that my advent present today was a Kit Kat!! I would show a picture but I can’t cause I ate it and chucked the rubbish in the bin without thinking. It was so good! Anyway, have any of you tried these treats before?

Until next time…


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