December 6th: Festive Candles and Scents

Hey guys, welcome back and hope you’re having a good day! Today where I live it’s HOT! No joke I’m sitting in my room, sweating, with the fan on full blast, with the curtains shut and my light source is fairy lights and my Christmas tree. It’s only the beginning of Summer and I’m not ready.

For today’s post (as you can tell by the title) I’m gonna be talking about candles! Which kinda goes well with the theme of my dark room haha.

*Brands discussed are of my own opinion and experience*


Dusk is an Australian company that provides homeware, fragrances/diffusers and candles. For every holiday they sell festive themed scents from candles & tea lights to room diffusers. They offer a wide range of Christmas candles and one of them is called Mulled Wine. Got this on sale last year.

This candle is inspired by the festive drink. Just like the warm beverage it has a cinnamon scent mixed with oranges causing a citrusy undertone, making it slightly sweet, but not sickening. 

It’s a decent size so if you burn it at least once a day (it says on the box for at least 3 hours) it should last for majority of the holiday season.


Kmart surprised me when I saw that they had a Christmas Cookie scented candle. I don’t even remember them having this last year. I feel as though this year a lot more stores are getting more into Christmas and doing little extra stuff. I love it because compared to other countries, like Europe, Australia doesn’t get fully immersed, or at least not as much. It also sucks that it’s hot. Anyway, back to the Christmas Cookie candle! 

The scent is not too overpowering, in our lounge room we have two burning almost every night and its not overwhelming. It’s a bit sweet and reminds me of a shortbread biscuit.

Another candle my mum bought for me from Kmart was Toasted Vanilla.This candle honestly reminds me of roasted marshmallows and if you love the smell of vanilla like me then this candle is a must have. I love this scent. This gives me major cozy vibes.

And that’s all the candles I have, sorry this was a short one.  Hope you enjoyed it!

My advent present for today was a cute nail kit. Easy to pack and portable.

Nail kit

Do any of you have a favourite scent that immediately gets you into the festive mood? See you guys tomorrow!

Until next time…


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