December 5th: Christmas Movies – Family Favourites

Hey guys, hope you’re all having a splendid day! Now, one of my favourite parts of Christmas are the movies!! These are vital to getting into the spirit of Christmas. You need to find the right film to give you those cozy Christmas vibes.

I’ve gotten suggestions from my brother and sister, my mum, my step-dad and grandparents and then created this list of pure Christmas movie magic!

1. Santa Claus: The Movie

Year: 1985

This movie is an absolute classic. It’s a nice cosy film to put on while you’re doing some work on the couch. This is a great film to start with. It leaves you feeling cheerful and ready to celebrate Christmas. It’s a different take on the beginning of Santa Claus and how the legend began. I do like starting with this film because then watching all the other films is like watching all the other Santa’s following the original’s footsteps. Maybe I’m over analysing this too much hahaha.

Oh, and also Dudley Moore as an elf. Perfect 😊

2. The Grinch

Year: 2000

The Grinch is a must see in the festive season. You can’t go wrong. It’s a great film to explain the true meaning of Christmas. You don’t need presents to make you happy, just being with your family is all you need plus welcoming others so nobody feels alone. Jim Carrey is faultless in his performance as the Grinch and really makes the role come to life.

Year: 2018

Now, only recently a new version of the Grinch has hit the cinemas with Benedict Cumberbatch becoming the renowned character. As it’s still new I’ll try my best not to spoil it. I’ll just say I really enjoyed that it was not a replicate of the original Grinch story that every fell in love with. It was a different take but was just as meaningful. It still had the main plot idea but everything else around it was slightly different. It’s a good option to have for those who are too young to view the original Grinch.

3. Arthur Christmas

Year: 2011

I was late to watching this film. I only first saw this movie last year. I don’t know why I guess I just forgot about it. Now after watching it I wish I saw it sooner! It’s such an adorable film, focusing on Santa Clause’s son-Arthur- who helps answer all the children’s letters to Santa. It’s a film for the whole family to love. I love how it’s also given a modern twist, showing how times have changed and technology is the new thing, taking over and forgetting the traditional way before technology arrived.

Overall, it’s such a lovable movie that I’m sure the whole family will enjoy.

4. The Polar Express

Year: 2004

This such a magical film from start to finish. A movie set on Christmas Eve, where a boy who is losing the true spirit of Christmas finds a train in his front yard ready to take him to the North Pole. Tom Hanks is amazing in this film, playing the Conductor, Scrooge, the boy’s dad, Santa and the man on the train. The soundtrack is amazing as well. My favourite scene is between the boy and girl singing When Christmas Comes to Town followed by Hot Chocolate. It’s just such a phenomenal film that, for me, is a must watch in December.

5. Elf

Every year this is a must watch. You can’t celebrate Christmas without putting on Elf. I love how goofy this is and it’s a film that you can get comfortable on the couch with some chocolate and hot drink and enjoy the Christmas spirit. It just always makes me feel happy. Classic. 


This year on Netflix there have been so many Christmas movies being released and I’m loving it. I thought I’d just mention them quickly. The movies on Netflix that I love are:

  1. Christmas Chronicles – one of my all time favourites this year. It’s everything you need in a Christmas film. Cheesiness: 2.5/5
  2. The Holiday Calendar – a magical calendar that predicts what’s going to happen? The best friend having a crush on the girl but girl is oblivious? Love all these things in a Christmas film then you’ll love this movie. Cheesiness: 3/5
  3.  The Princess Switch – this movie gave me major Parent Trap vibes. Where twins meet and decide to switch places. Even though it was set around Christmas I sometimes would forget it was a Christmas film. Maybe it was just me. Cheesiness: 5/5 (but when it’s Christmas cheesier the better right? haha)  


There are so many Christmas films and if I was to write all about them then this would be waaayy too long. Maybe I’ll do one big list in another post. What’s your guys favourite holiday film? Is there a go to Christmas classic that you must watch every year? Let me know 😊

My advent present for today was a beautiful tree ornament of a star. It’s 3-D and now that I’m looking at it looks like a mini version of my star on top of my tree.

Until next time…


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