December 4th: Christmas Tree Farm

Hey guys, how are you?

It’s the 4th day of Blogmas and today we went to a Christmas Tree Farm. I’ve never been to a tree farm before so it was a new experience. We went on a good day too. The weather was nice (starting off cloudy but cleared to a bright blue sky) and even though it was a couple of days into December already there were still a plethora of trees to choose from. Nevertheless, it did require some hunting to find the perfect size that wasn’t already reserved.

This tree farm was located about 20 minutes from where I live, the Willunga Hill Christmas Tree Farm, a family run business. It’s nestled in the hills, off a main road, and as you drove in it felt like it was in the middle of nowhere. It was in the back of somebody’s house and the range was massive, it felt like it was going on forever. As you drove up you passed alpacas, sheep and cows!

For our first real tree we wanted to start with something simple and not go full on and with the size of our car that had no roof racks. We aimed for a 5ft-6ft tree. After it being measured before cutting it down we were told it was 6ft and when we went to buy and measured it again (this time by somebody else) we were told it was actually 7.2ft. In the end, after all the confusion they gave it to us for the price of a 6ft and had to squeeze in a 7ft tree in our car. So we went in for a small tree and came out with the biggest tree we’ve ever owned!

They sold cute wreaths too

It was such a cool experience going to a Christmas tree farm and if all goes well with the tree we’ll probably do it again next year. Also, a bonus thing was that they had an adorable Labrador puppy that we could pat and the people were really kind and so helpful. 

My advent surprise for today were some facial wipes

(All brands/products from my advent or featured in my blogs are not sponsored or whatever, just little gifts from my mum. If they were I would state it explicitly). 🙂 

Hope you all enjoyed this post and I will see you tomorrow!

Until next time…


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