Spring Fashion

Hey guys! Welcome back. Spring has sprung meaning that all heavy knitwear and thick coats are put aside and out come the skirts, playsuits and flowy trousers. I went shopping the other day and picked up so many cute items that to me screamed ‘Spring’.

From what I’ve seen I think this season is all about the striped and floral patterns. It’s about the bold and bright patterns, embracing the Spring essence.


FIRST, I want to start off with trousers.

5F1D4018-3CC0-4139-8349-2F8E07868F7E (2).png

This pair I picked up at ALLY Fashion. It is lovely and loose, a pair you can easily dress up or keep casual. I did get it altered so the bottom was lifted but that was just because I’m short! It was easily done anyway.

Beautiful colours accompanied by a nice fabric belt to tie it and adjust the waist size for a comfortable fit.

I normally wear this with a plain white tee, keeping it simple up top as it’s busy at the bottom. Great with white sneakers, sandals or to dress it up you can wear boots/high heels/wedges.

Great for those warm Spring days.


To continue with the stripe theme these Factorie shorts are another item to add to the list.


They are the perfect combination of comfy yet feeling a bit dressier than wearing denim shorts. These types of shorts can suit any occasion and the material feels light and soft against the skin.

The next best thing about them is that they have pockets. This was a massive win for me, I was sold. It’s a good length plus the slight elasticity around the waist adjusts for a satisfying fit.


Next is this floral skirt from ALLY Fashion.


I haven’t had the chance to wear this yet. This is definitely out of my comfort zone. By ‘this’ I mean a skirt as well the bright colours. I’ve tried it on and it’s a tight fit on the hips, by having a zip on the side, but loosens around the legs.

I’m not the biggest fan of ruffles but I think this is very suitable and disguises itself well.

Similar to the pants, I would keep it simple at the top and let your skirt do all the talking.


Now Romper time.

I found this style of romper (hopefully that’s right!) at Supre.  I’ve always been wanting to buy one of these but kept putting it off and end up regretting it later. This is for lazy days at home or going up to my grandparent’s house for the day.

I love that it’s baggy, but not too much as you can adjust the length and tightness at the top but then as I’m just lazing around the house then it’s not really an issue. Also, did I mention it has pockets? It does and I love it.

52B3DCA1-14BC-42AA-918F-C5EF8D8CF41A (2).png



Now onto the next topic; shoes.

I’ve been on the hunt for some good boots, especially in my size as I’m about a size 5. I can fit into kid shoes as well as adults (but just). These boots are from Kmart.


I love how simple these boots suit all occasions. The neutral tones go with pretty much any outfit and on the black boots, along the bottom, there’s a slight subtle sparkle which is a fun touch!


Now there is no fault in white sneakers. These are from Rubi, a size 36. I grabbed them immediately when I saw them. I got so giddy because they were perfect. Now these are shoes for any season, all year round,  I love them.



Accessories are always vital to an outfit to give it the finishing touch.


I bought all these three items from a couple of showbags at the Royal Show. The black bag was from Young Designers Collective and my sunglasses from Showpo (top one) and the second pair from Miss Coco.

I always carry sunnies with me in my bag. You never know when you’re gonna need them.

I know this was a big read (nearly 700 words) but thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

Let me know you’re Spring style or favourite stores you love to shop at.

Until next time…



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