Ways to Help me Sleep…

Welcome back guys and hope you’re all feeling well.

Now I’m someone who sometimes has trouble falling asleep 💤

This is periodically due to my anxiety and overactive mind where I find it difficult to just…shut off. When my mind just constantly has thoughts floating around I start to stress about not having enough sleep which makes it worse cause I worry about my lack of sleep and the cycle goes on and on. Next minute it’s 2am.

When it started to become an issue for me I decided to try out different ways to help. If you have trouble sleeping I hope my suggestions will help you in some way.

(Disclosure: any products or apps I mention have not asked me to talk about them, or stuff in my other blogs. What I say is from personal experience).

– Body Lotion –


Lush was generous when they offered these cute samples when my Aunty went into the store in the city. This is a lovely soft body lotion that is perfect for any part of your skin. When testing it out I placed it on my chest just below my neck so the calming lavender scent was still easy to breathe and not smothered by my pyjamas.

The lavender scent is sweeter than normal lavender scented products. It did not smell as floral, at least not as strong as other products. The shade is also quite a delicate purple that is quite relaxing to the eye.

My honest opinion is that this is a quite nice body lotion. I’ll admit it has not helped me fall asleep faster, but the scent is indeed relaxing. Nevertheless, I still put it on my chest and hands before I snuggle into bed.

– Room Mist/Spray –


This a lavender and chamomile spray that I like to randomly disperse around my room and onto my pillow.

It holds a stronger, more distinct level of lavender. It’s not as sweet as the body lotion. I only spray it twice at most and let the scent settle as I get ready for bed.

Spraying too much at once does kinda start a headache, which is why I only do it twice max.

However, this does mean a little goes a long way and you won’t be running out of it quickly.

It’s found in the baby aisle.

– Sleep Sounds –

 This is an app I downloaded from the Play Store onto my phone (sorry there’s no picture but you can see it in the featured image). I think the company who made it is called Relaxio (don’t quote me on that) and is great for all ages. It’s free to download and contains 15 lulling sounds. I also love that you’re able to select a sound and then modify it. I always add the piano to play along with it and/or depending on the setting I add like a campfire sound to make it feel homely. You can set it on a timer from 5 minutes to 8 hours or you can customise it yourself or simply listen to it with no timer on at all. I love this app because you can personalise to your own preferences rather than an app given you sounds to listen and you’re stuck with them.

My favourite to listen to right now is called Peaceful Night with the piano, campfire and owls in the background.

Other Options

There are also plenty of options and different methods that work for other people as it all comes down to personal preference.

Other options can be:

  • Reading
  • Putting on a show for background noise. Sleeping in silence does no wonders for me. This is when my mind can just go crazy to fill the silence.
    • I watch YouTube in the background some nights. I put on Let’s Plays so it’s like when you fall asleep on the couch as you watch someone play a game.
    • I’m aware that falling asleep to a screen, even though I leave it on the ground, is not the best option. It’s up to you.
  • Yoga/meditation. It’s a nice relaxing way to wind down from all the activities throughout the day and helps clear the mind (great if it’s been a stressful day). Heaps of routines on YouTube.


Comment your favourite ways to help you get to sleep and if you’ve tried any of the things I’ve mentioned 🙂

Until next time…



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