Spring Reads

Hey guys! How are you today? 😊

My favourite thing to do at anytime of the year is to read. I love, no, obsessed with buying new books and adding them to my ever growing book collection.

It’s come to the point my family says I can open up my own library haha.

Today I’m gonna talk you through my Spring reads. The books I’ve read and the books I’m planning to read.

When it comes to the subject of books I immediately feel my inner bookworm arise to the surface and I’m all for it! All my life I’ve been a massive reader. In primary school, I was that kid who loved reading comprehensions and silent reading. Instead of borrowing books from the school library I would instead bring one from home to read.

(Add In – I asked mum about this and she said it was because I had pretty much read all the available books within my reading level and had to bring my own books in).

Okay guys, let’s get to it!

Read (currently reading):

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


I’m currently reading this. I’m about halfway through. I’m completely enraptured in Jamie and Claire’s story. I’ve been watching the TV show and enjoy it immensely.

Historical drama, action and romance. Yes.

Scored this novel from Savers (massive charity op-shop) only $2.99!


Sea of Strangers by Lang Leav


I love this book. I’m not a massive poetry fan but this style of poetry I’m totally down for. I’m planning on buying a few more of her books cause her writing style is beautiful.

It’s also a great book to have if travelling on the bus or train. You can easily put it down and pick it up from where you left off or simply flicking to a random page.


Planning to read:

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken


I’ve heard so much about this series and how it has now become a movie. Excited to read this series.

From what I’ve gathered so far it gives of a Hunger Games x Divergent vibe. Two books I loved reading.

(Excuse the rip, sadly the first thing my cat goes for if he’s not fed in time is my book. He knows exactly how to grab my attention.)


The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F***k by Mark Manson


This year I’ve been getting into books that focus on improving a person’s well-being. Especially since I’ve been focusing on improving my mental health. This book is always brought up and displayed as best sellers in book stores which peaked my interest. I’ve finally bought it and enthusiastic to read.




^ Socks from Dotti (Love them they’re sausage dogs)

  • Pillows in featured picture are from Kmart

Until next time…


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