Winter Wardrobe

Let me tell you right now, the moment Winter comes around I waste no time in throwing on a cozy knitted jumper, snuggling up on the couch with a warm cup of tea/coffee, listening to the rain against the windows. That is one of my favourite things to do during winter, feeling cozy as well as shopping for new winter wear! Ah, I love it when the stores stock up on the jumpers, fun graphic tees and knitwear. It’s come to the point I’m pushing myself to sort out my wardrobe as all the new bargains are pushing my wardrobe’s limits.

As we are up to our last days of Winter here in Australia, I thought it would make a good first blog post to delve into my wardrobe and show you guys a couple of my Winter favourites!

Let’s dig in!


The first store I want to talk about is Supre. My biggest buy from Supre is a completely white woollen jumper that I found on the sale rack for $15.

It’s one size bigger which is shown in the length of the sleeves falling over my hands and slightly wider around my waist. In my opinion, for this type of jumper, I’m not fussed about it being slightly baggier. To me, it just makes it feel cozier and that I’m wearing a fleecy blanket and despite it being a bigger size it sits on my hips nicely.



Inside the jumper the material is different. I’m no fashion expert, I am not too sure what the material is called, but it feels like an almost silky texture that allows the jumper to be breathable, therefore, less likely to sweat and feel uncomfortable. It’s just a jumper that feels so amazing that you would want to hug yourself 24/7. When I wore it around my grandparents I was ready to catch the “it looks like you’re wearing a sheep” comments but they loved it. My grandma loved it so much she couldn’t help but feel my jumper to see if it was “as soft as it looked” haha and it was. I even got an extra hug when I was leaving ‘cause she wanted to feel it again.

Alrighty, the next item I want to talk about is from Dotti. It is a Union Jack knit.

The material is a bit rougher than a soft knit but it’s still nice and comfy to wear all the same. The knit is heavier on the body but goes well with jeans or black leggings. The back hangs lower than the front, I’m wearing an XS (seen in picture), and it’s a length where it doesn’t feel too long but still a good length where you’d be able to tuck it into jeans to create a casual look. I also reckon it looks tidier (as you can see in the photo I didn’t tuck it in but it works either way).



My next item is another knit piece from Dotti. This is a lovable grey and pink polka dot and again it’s a size XS. The first thing I have to say is that it’s soooo soft. Believe it or not this is not normal my style (actually all these knit jumpers are out of my comfort zones as I’m used to more darker shades such as; black and grey or dark colours. This year I thought I would get more adventurous in my clothing and pick bolder colours and patterns – okay ramble over).



The polka dots are slightly 3-D, creating a nice pattern that isn’t in too in your face. When you run your hands along the fabric, the texture of the polka dots against the soft knit create a nice, soothing feeling. The jumper is a light, thin fabric where you can easily where a tank top underneath for extra warmth or as it’s thin wearing a jacket over it won’t make it feel bulky or too heavy. It’s a fun piece that’s on the safe side if you want to feel adventurous in your wardrobe choices but in a subtle way.

Lastly, this cropped knit jumper (discovered it’s proper name was an Eyelet Lace Up Side Dip Hem Sweater-silly me how could I forget that) is from a website called ROMWE for the price of $15.99. The style is high neck and the fabric is comfortable which is a key component when wearing a knitted jumper-obviously. My favourite part is the black laces on the sides, creating an edgy look. I’m not normally a person who would wear bright colours but I was taken by surprise by my desire to buy this so I tried it and honestly, I’ve grown used to the colour and really enjoy wearing it. It’s a cute, cheerful piece.



I thought I’d keep this nice and short as it’s my first post and just wanted to write something up quick to get the feel of it! I hope everything’s okay and was a nice, fun read. Let me know what you think. I had fun writing this as it’s out of my comfort zone but I wanted to try something new and have fun with it! Leave any tips in the comments below or even suggestions on what you want me to write about in the future.

Let me know what your winter wardrobe favourites were and I hope you all have an amazing day! X

Until next time…


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